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Pre-Trip Challenge - Expedite Expo 2017

By Linda Caffee
Posted Jul 9th 2017 7:13AM

Why become a Gotcha for a DOT officer?  One of the many things going on at the Expedite Expo is the Freightliner Team Run Smart Pre-Trip Challenge.  As far as I am concerned if you have to pick one thing to participate in this is it as it can save your career as well as the company you are leased to CSA points. 

As we move closer to the ELD mandate being enforced the DOT officers are looking for easy violations that they have not paid attention to before. Come participate in the challenge and learn some of the little gotchas that can add CSA points to a company’s score.  Some examples are having the GPS mounted on the windshield within the sweep of the wiper blades or laying a load bar on top of the freight or on the floor not secured.  There is a plethora of little gotchas and the Challenge will help you learn about them.

Several of the companies are offering small tokens of their appreciation to their drivers who participate in the challenge as well as TA/Petro giving a small prize to all that participate.  It is a win win situation for drivers and potential drivers to accept the challenge! 

Pre-Trip Challenges will happen each day at the show, Friday, 11:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 1:00pm.

To learn more about the Challenge and to register for the Expedite Expo:

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