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By Sandy and Stephen
Posted May 26th 2024 8:00AM

For the past couple of years, we along with the Trucking Solutions Group (TSG) have been working with and supporting Hope Zvara the CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga (MTY).

What is MTY you ask.  Well, it is health and fitness for truck drivers in just minutes a day all from the cab of your truck.  What is it that you can do in the cab of your truck or around your truck to help you be healthy and fit?  Follow along and you will see.

Many of the movements she teaches can be done in the seat of your truck.  Many can be done while you are fueling, standing line to get your fuel receipt.  To quote her website “Our movements, stretches, and exercises are simpleconvenient, and realistic for all types of drivers.”

We have been doing what she teaches for a couple of years and have really felt a difference.  We started off slow and worked up to doing them more often.  Stephen gets fun looks in the fuel island when he is doing movements and stretches but who cares he wants a healthy and fit body…and he is not getting any younger.

At the Mid America Truck Show (MATS) in March Hope held a workshop Saturday morning.  It was well attended and her focus of the workshop was your feet.  She explained that our feet are our foundation and you must have a good foundation to have a healthy body.  She showed the attendees on what to do the “fix” those feet.

MYT MATS Workshop Video link:  MTY MATS WS Video

Hope starting the workshop.

Pictures of attendees

The TSG tries to have Hope on at least once a quarter.  We had her on just after MATS to help us work out what was hurting us after all the walking and standing on concrete at the show.  You can follow our Facebook page to find out who will be a guest speaker on our weekly Tuesday calls.

Link to the TSG FB page:  Trucking Solutions Group Facebook Page

MTY has their own website and phone App.  Both have great information and video’s that will show and explain the movements and stretches.

Mother Trucker Website: Mother Trucker Yoga Website

Her Phone App is for both iPhone and Android.  She offers memberships for the individual and corporate.

Hope also is a guest on the Tim Ridley Show (Road Dog Trucking Channel 146) it is the third Tuesday of each month at 0630 ET/0530 CT/0430 MT/0330 PT.  She will be talking about Your Health & Your Lympathic System, what you need to know to stay healthy for the long-haul.  So, if you are up and can toon in for a listen do so.


Sandy & Stephen

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