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It's a Team's Life

Morning People vs Night People

By Bob & Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 6th 2009 2:08AM

When we are not on a load or when we are having to babysit a load Bob will sit up front and watch movies on our little DVD player while he is playing Suduko and I sleep.  In the morning he is most often wakes to the sound of the keyboard on my laptop clicking away.  Neither one of us are able to take naps so we switch drivers between two and three in the morning as that gives both of us a chance to sleep while it is dark out.  Our schedule has really worked well for us over the past several years and now I do not have to try and force myself to stay awake in the evenings and Bob does not have to get up early. 

This is still the pits when we are at home as for some reason the rest of the family does not agree with me wanting to go to bed by 8 in the evening and then up and wandering around between 4 and 5 in the morning!

Being out on the road really fits Bob and my sleep patterns.

Bob & Linda Caffee
Leased to: FedEx Custom Critical
Saint Louis MO
Expediters 5 years been out here on the road ten years


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