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London Bridge is falling down falling down…

By Linda Caffee
Posted Feb 15th 2021 7:55AM

In the early 1960 officials in England discovered that the London Bridge was falling down as it was not built to withstand car travel.  Officials then hatched the plan to sell the bridge to the United States, and Robert McCulloch decides that is just what the small city of Lake Havasu City in Arizona needed. The bridge would put the small town on the map.

The bridge and the prep work in Lake Havasu came to a total cost of about seven million and was opened for travel on October 10, 1971.  To prepare the bridge for car travel in the United States, a hollow core of steel-reinforced concrete was built. The assembly took place over a small piece of land connecting a small island to the mainland.  

The town grew from a few hundred in the early ’60s to over 10,000 by 1974 with over two million visitors.  The bridge is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and walkways along the river with a magnificent view of the bridge.  Now the town had over 50,000 full-time residents. 

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