It's a Team's Life

Let Freedom Ring!

By Kelly Plumb
Posted Jul 3rd 2024 8:00AM


The Fourth of July gives us the opportunity to celebrate the freedoms that we all enjoy. While there are many inside and outside of our country that are trying to take our freedoms away, the truck drivers that I have met believe in the freedoms that our country affords us all. As independent contractors we can appreciate the freedom to have a business and work in that business in a legal and safe manner. Lately, there are some who are trying to take away our ability to work in the way that we have become accustom.

Over the last couple of years my husband and I have been ambassadors for the Coalition for Independent Contractors. This is an organization that was created to help our politicians understand the importance of the independent contractor business model and how we serve our citizens by moving products throughout our country. There are several states that have put laws in place to prevent independent truck drivers from working in their own business. Our federal government is doing something similar. On this Fourth of July and every day of the year, it is important that we stand up for all of our freedoms.

Why do you drive truck as an independent contractor? Why not just work for a trucking company as a W2 employee? My husband and I both come from families that had their own businesses. In neither case, did our government step in to tell our families that they could not run their business in the state in which they lived. And while, each family business experienced ups and downs like any business does the business did not close because the government made them close. This brings up the question, why is our government challenging our right to operate a trucking business in the manner in which we operate? Personally, I feel like we are under attack. I don’t understand why.

This also brings to mind, is there anything that you are doing to protect your ability to continue operating as an independent contractor? For example, we have decided to use our own state plate rather than use the truck license plate that is offered by the company to which we are leased. This shows degrees of separation between us and the company. It also helps us be able to drive our truck home if for some reason our lease would be terminated.

As we celebrate our independence on this Fourth of July I have come to appreciate our freedoms more than ever before. I do not take my freedoms for granted. And I hope that we all stand up to those who are looking to take our freedoms away.

Here’s to millions of safe, profitable and FREE miles!