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Keep the Sun Out

By Linda Caffee
Posted Nov 3rd 2019 9:15AM

Fellow expediters told us about the Sun Screens, and I was very skeptical, and Bob was appalled at the idea of adding snaps to the outside of our truck. Bob goes to extreme lengths to never drill a hole in our dash, and the design of the snaps turned him off of the sunscreens. Then we got to see the sunscreens in person our friends’ truck, and he was pretty impressed with the quality but still those snaps…

After a few weeks in the truck without any sun shades, we knew we needed to do something pretty quick. We could once again make shades for our truck out of the silver material we could get at Home Depot, but we hated how closed in we felt. Truth be told, we also hated that our pets could not see out the window. Anyone with a dog knows that they like to watch and those with a cat know that they like to lay on the dash and look for birds.

We delivered in Phoenix, AZ, and Bob asked me to call the people in Tucson, AZ, to see if they could do the screens. I was astonished that he had got over his aversion to the snaps. An appointment was made as we were staying at the Lazy Day’s KOA in Tucson, which is where Todd & Renee are staying for the time being. We did not have to stay at the KOA as they will come to your vehicle within a reasonable distance. 

Why the decision was made to get them:

  • Custom made to fit your vehicle
  • No sagging or wrinkles
  • High-quality material of 90% weave with a silver reflective material running throughout
  • Blocking 90% of harmful UV rays
  • lowering the inside the vehicle up to 20 degrees at the window
  • During the day time, we and our pets can see out, but no one can see inside

Bob asked to tuck the snaps for the windshield inside the door frame, which Todd did, and all of us liked how clean that looked. The windows have more snaps as they are an odd shape. The sunscreens need to be stored flat or rolled up. Bob bought a PVC tube, and he has a plan to secure the tube to the frame of the truck, and I will have more on that once he has this project completed.

We have had the shade for a bit and have used the SunScreen in Arizona with pretty warm temperatures, and we are happy with them. They give our space a more open feeling without feeling like we are in a fishbowl. The pets are enjoying them as they can see out and still stay cool. Another nice thing about the window shades is that we can roll the window down for a breeze and not let in flying insects. During the day, you cannot see into the truck, but at night with the interior lights on the screens become invisible, and someone walking by can see right into the truck. So, think before undressing for bed and not pulling the sleeper curtain… On a side note, the shades are for when we are sitting not while driving. 

To learn more about the RV SunScreen Company Visit their website:


Looking from the outside and then from the inside looking out. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

Expediters since January 2005

[email protected]


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Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;

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