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It's a Team's Life

Introduction to Team Caffee Part 2

By Linda Caffee
Posted Aug 21st 2009 7:00PM

We had seen "little" trucks going down the highways and started our research into Expediting.  We found Expediters Online and this became our daily topic of conversation.  We then decided to attend the Expedite Expo in Detroit in 2004 to get a closer look.  We talked to recruiters and we talked to drivers all the time I was taking notes.  We spent two days going to all of the workshops and asking questions.  We were hooked!  We went home and continued our research but with a goal in mind.  We had determined we wanted to lease on to FedEx Custom Critical and we were going to buy our truck from Middle Georgia Freightliner.  Next came getting our finances in order, selling our house and just about everything we owned.  We had determined to move to Saint Louis with our oldest daughter into an apartment.  At the time we had 7 acres with a 3 bedroom full basement house.  We had horses, pigs, dogs, a hedgehog, a ferret, and a rat that all had to find new homes.  We also had several cars that were toys that had to be sold so we stayed pretty busy thinning down all of our belongings.  All of this time we were so determined we had family and friends wondering if we had lost our minds and when would we come to our senses. Our girls were always very supportive as they thought what we were trying to do sounded like a lot of fun.   We had put our down payment down on our truck site unseen to be picked up the first week of January and the next week we were on our way to orientation.  Our life in expediting had finally begun!


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