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It's a Team's Life

Introduction to Team Caffee

By Linda Caffee
Posted Aug 21st 2009 12:17PM

We have been married thirty-one years and have two daughters.  Bob was a mechanic and has worked on cars, irrigation motors and diesel engines and was the shop foreman for Morton County KS.  I was a stay at home mom until the girls started school.  I was very lucky to start out on the ground floor when our county first started getting computerized.   I started the county's in house mapping program and was involved with the county’s re-appraisal.  I worked at the courthouse for 14 years and left as supervisor of Data Processing.  Throughout Bob’s career when an extra truck driver was needed, Bob or I would fill in.  We both have our class A licenses and over the years have hauled grain to elevators, hauled water to drilling rigs, and would fill in at times as a dump truck driver. We knew when the girls left home to attend college we would go through the empty nest syndrome so we made plans for our future.  We started our research in the trucking world.  Our youngest daughter was still in high school, so we decided Bob would go to truck driving school and I would continue my job until she graduated.   Our plans included me eventually going to school so we could drive as a team. I figured out really quick I liked that passenger seat and every time I looked in the mirror and saw 53" of trailer behind us I became even more attached to that seat!  We were from a very rural area of SW Kansas with all two lane roads and the closest stop light was 35 miles from our small town, all of the traffic situations that Bob got us through constantly amazed me.  After being out on the road for a year as a driver Bob decided that being a driver was not for him so we started a lawn care business.  To be continued…


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