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I cannot cook that!

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 25th 2021 10:25AM

I view recipes as a guide that is not written in stone…  My first rule of thumb is to disregard any mention of adding salt to what I am about to create.  The second thought as I look through a recipe is the ingredients and if the recipe calls for a spice that is not something I would commonly use, do I really need to add it? At home, I have a lot of spices but in the truck, I have limited space.  The next item I look at is how is the recipe cooked and can I cook it in what I have on the truck?

Recently I saw a recipe that interested me and I could not wait to try it on the weekend when we would be sitting.  The recipe called for several fresh ingredients, Brussel sprouts, yam, apples, onions, and bite-size pieces of chicken.  The recipe also called for thyme which I do not carry in the truck and I did not purchase.  The biggest dilemma of this recipe is that it called for a large cast-iron skillet which I also do not carry in the truck.  I have a small Insta-Pot and that is what I planned to use. 

It took a bit longer to cook as I could not spread out the sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts but the extra time was worth it!  The meal was a huge success and Bob who very seldom says anything about a meal had this to say, “That was REALLY REALLY good”.  Wow, I was shocked.  He said when he saw me buying fresh Brussel sprouts he started getting a little worried but he decided he would wait to make a decision.  

If you really want to do something improvise and if it doesn't turn out don't make it again. 

Link to the recipe 

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