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It's a Team's Life

Home Time

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 8th 2009 5:43AM



We have been out on the road just a little over two months and we needed to get home to get our mail and get caught up at the house.   We finally got a load to within 300 miles of our house and we pointed the truck in that direction as soon as we unloaded.   Once the decision has been made to go home our minds start whirling with all the things that we need to do in a short period of time.   We first unload all bedding and dirty clothes from the truck, next we clean out the refrigerator / freezer then all of the odds and ends that need to come in.   It takes a few days to get everything in we need and we are constantly running back and forth to the truck.   We bought a house out in the country so we can park the truck in the driveway of our house.   This makes it very easy to constantly run back and forth for forgotten items and we also have a shop so Bob can work on anything he has been putting off on the truck for routine maintenance.  

This time at home he wanted to replace the wheel seals and also replace our back brakes, we had our passenger side camera go bad and our new one was waiting at home for him.   We have also made the decision to take our 21” TV out and use that area for storage.   We have found we just are not using the TV at all and it is taking up valuable space.

I have plans to get all of our summer stuff out of the truck and then replace that with all of our winter gear, bedding, shoes, coats, gloves and then all of Molly’s winter coats.   This period of time we will be out we are crowded as we still have some summer items and we have all of our winter supplies.   When we come home in November we will take out all of our summer clothing.

We are lucky as we live with our oldest daughter so she takes care of the house, bills and all of our mail and keeps us updated with anything that we need to know about.

We will get a few days at home where the truck is not the main thing on our minds and then it will be time to reload all of our last minute belongings, our food, and we will be ready for that first load offer!


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