It's a Team's Life

Hey we do live in a Tiny House!

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 12th 2016 8:44AM

Hours have been spent looking at tiny houses, how they are set up, how they use storage, and how they are decorated. Ideas are constantly going through my head how I will use the space wisely and enjoy a clutter free home.

One day I receive a call from Sandi Soendker, Editor in chief, Landline Magazine asking me questions about living large in our tiny house. Wow did that question catch me by surprise as I took our sleeper for granted, never thinking I have spent almost eleven years of my life living in a rolling tiny home. Our tiny home though has increased in size and we are up to 66 square foot of living space. In time we might upgrade to a little larger tiny home that will include a restroom. We spend over 300 days a year in our "tiny home" and I guess we are practicing for the future!

Thinking back over the years and the various sleepers we have made our home in I realized that we really are living large in our tiny home. In our first "tiny home" I basically used the upper bunk as another room. I kept my craft supplies up there, my office, and also my kitchen. Everything was strapped, traveling securely, and a lot of the securement was really ingenious to how it was done. When we were stopped I would climb up into my loft and spend hours taking care of business and crafting with everything at my fingertips. This though had some challenges and if I had something cooking while we were going down the road the crock-pot was in a pan sitting on the floor with a strap holding the lid on. When I made the bed in this truck I would put the pillows at the back of the bed so that it became a day bed or couch, also a desk, and the kitchen table and counter top. In our next truck I had a sink and no counter space so a tablecloth would be spread out on the bed and I had a folding TV tray that I used as a table.

In our current Bolt Custom Trucks Sleeper our space has improved by having a bed that tucks away or a "Dine-a-Bunk" as it is called. By folding the bed up against the wall and having a table and bench seating we are able to have more usable space. The bed folds up against the wall completely made with pillows included. Very nice in the evening to easily unlatch the bed and see a nicely made up bed ready for sleeping.

The cabinets in the truck are powder coated and have carpet along the shelves so there are no squeaks while going down the road. Safety is a big issue and the cabinets are also part of the walls and cannot come off of the walls of the sleeper if we are hit or if the truck was to layover on its side. The cabinets being part of the wall also helps to absorb any impact and act as a cushion protecting those inside.

Those cabinets create a lot of storage and some of the cabinets are so deep I cannot reach the back even while standing on a step stool or the bed when it is folded down. To make all of this space usable I use clear plastic crates, trays, and also cloth baskets. The plastic crates are used in one cabinet to hold extra supplies such as paper towels, paper plates & bowls, coffee, and items not used often. The tray works great to hold mixing bowls, cheese grater, toaster, and smaller items. All of my mixing or storage bowls are collapsible. I use flexible cutting boards that easily slide and are stored under the tray.

Cloth baskets are used for folded clothes and the baskets at the back of cupboard stores extra coats and sweatshirts in the summer and in the winter bulkier shirts and clothing not worn every day.

I use stackable clear containers to hold my extra charging cords, batteries, nail polish supplies, and a small sewing kit. We have our printer that is blue tooth capable in one cabinet that we to print and scan documents remotely.

We read a lot and our books are either on our iPad or on our iPhone and we listen to them. Movies are often watched and they are taken out of their container and placed into a CD holder. Extra blankets are kept under the mattress as well as shade s for the window of the truck. My mini office is contained in a portable file cabinet. There is a pocket for pens, stamps, envelopes, and then an area for folders. Side pockets for stapler and paperclips.

Buying in bulk is not an option or stocking up when we find something on sale as there is not enough room for storage. Cleaning supplies are kept to a minimum and like with everything else they are multi purpose. My Kitchen Aid Multi use cooker can bake, sauté, or slow cook and when finished can serve as a dishwasher.

Our refrigerator is smaller then a home fridge but we still are able to go to the grocery store once a week and stay well stocked. Our microwave is also a convection oven and with all of this there is not much that I cannot make in the truck.

There is even room for crafts and over the years I have made crocheted blankets, placemats, needlepoint Christmas stockings, bookmarks, and many cross stitch pictures. Many homemade gifts have been made in the truck and this truck rides smooth enough I am able to cross-stitch while the truck is moving.

Everything has a place and if it does not have a place then we do not need it. When we are shopping and something catches my eye I have to think of where it will fit and is it worth having.