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Goofy Dog

By Linda Caffee
Posted Nov 15th 2021 8:48AM

When Texas first joined us in the truck almost five years ago as an eight-week-old puppy we knew we had a good one.  Never once did she go potty in the truck and she played with her toys and was not a chewer. 

We learned early on that she has the beginnings of Hip Dysplasia and made the decision then that she is not allowed to jump in or out of the truck.  She was happy with that decision as she cannot jump worth a darn.  Texas does not start out of the truck till she hears her keyword, then she drops her front feet down on the top step and we lift her to the ground.  Getting in the truck she places her feet on the step and we lift her in. 

Recently she has gained a new problem of incontinence and has to take another daily pill which I am glad to say has solved the problem.  The pill is given with a little Velveeta cheese and is not covered well.  She is very delicate when she takes food from our hands.  Texas carefully takes the cheese and crunches the pill in her mouth.  I have to giggle at her as she must have missed the page in the Doggy Handbook that says dogs do not EVER take a pill willingly.  

Texas is a dork and we are very lucky to have the dork with us to make our day! 


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