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Future of GPS’s

By Linda Caffee
Posted Oct 19th 2019 7:24AM

Our daughter recently purchased a new car and her phone ties into the car.  The car, in turn, uses the GPS on the phone for routing on a large screen on the dash.  It is pretty ingenious and as we are having problems with our current GPS I question the future of the type of GPS we have.

Our GPS has a lot of information that is easy to use.  What we use constantly:

  • Hazmat routing
  • Find truck stops along our route
  • Find rest areas along our route
  • Find addresses in address book
  • Fine-tune to our preferences
    • Weight
    • U-Turns
    • No tollways at times
    • No Ferries
    • No cutting across Canada

My frustration with our current GPS is that it does not show the correct time and so no longer works for giving a real good estimate of our time of arrival.  Lately it has taken to shutting down and the most inopportune times. 

We have a lot off addresses stored in our GPS that we worked hard to get.  Some places we go to do not have addresses and over the years we have marked the entrance location in the GPS.  So, does that mean we have to stay with the GPS we have or I wonder is there a way to transfer this information to a different brand of GPS?

I am curious about what others use for routing. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


Saint Louis MO

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