It's a Team's Life



By Kelly Plumb
Posted Jun 5th 2024 8:00AM

A while back a friend asked me if my husband and I ever have a chance to sightsee while we are on the road. I replied that for the most part we do not. This conversation allowed me to reflect on how many drivers take the opportunity to get out of the truck to see and explore. Do you? Where do you go? What have you seen?

We were on the East coast and were invited to see the sights with another team with which we are friends. We had a great time seeing things like the Liberty Bell and the historic towns in the area. We have been invited by trucking friends to meet them in St Petersburg, FL for a long weekend. We spent time on the Gulf of Mexico, walking around town and enjoying some amazing food. Other friends have invited us to go shrimping on the Hood Sound in Washington state. We learned about shrimping, got to explore and again enjoyed some amazing seafood. In each of these excursions the best part was spending time with drivers who have become wonderful friends. It seems that we are not very adventuresome on our own. However; if we are invited by friends, we are eager to venture out.

For us, eating out of the truck day after day can get monotonous over time. We have found restaurants that have become favorites. The Nelson Brothers Restaurant & Bakery off of I-94 exit 178 in Clearwater, MN has the best bakery. Any Black Bear Diner is worth the trip. The Columbus Farmers Market near Bordentown, NJ is another favorite. This flea market has Amish food and an Amish restaurant. Even if we don’t buy anything, it is nice to walk around and see what vendors are selling. The 5/20 Country Kitchen in Shipshewana, IN offers homemade food. We enjoy Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom located in the LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Joplin, MO. They are one of a few restaurants that we have found that offers pizza with gluten free crust that is delicious. The triple T truck stop located in Tucson, AZ has Omars Restaurant that has good food also. Finally, there is Kroll’s Diner in Minot, ND that has Knoephla soup, other German food and the best shakes ever! Whenever we are near these places we make every effort to enjoy a meal or buy some bakery to go.

We try to eat healthy on the road. Making good choices can be a challenge. Sometimes we just need to get out of the truck and enjoy a good meal.

Here’s to millions of safe, profitable and HEALTHY miles!

Kelly Plumb