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It's a Team's Life


By Linda Caffee
Posted Feb 19th 2018 10:26AM

You won't get wet on this ride... Famous last words

This trip has been in the works for about a year with money being saved, hotels booked, airline tickets purchased, and as the time draws nearer a walking tour booked, and dinner reservations made at Blue Bayou.  The walking tour as well as the dinner reservation needed to be made in advance to ensure that we will have a seat as well as a place on the tour. 

There are many hotels around Disneyland that are very reasonable and are all serviced by very inexpensive shuttles that pour in and out of the Disneyland from before the park opens till after it closes.  What a relief at the end of the day to have the shuttle carry us back to our hotel.  I figure why spend much money on a hotel that we will only be into sleep?  First thing in the morning we head to Disneyland and have breakfast in Downtown Disney and plan our day. 

My best friend, Debbie, from high school and her family, will meet us in Anaheim and we will all coordinate our adventures.  Debbie and her family still live in Arizona and they are just as crazy about Disneyland as we are.  Debbie and I believe in not only opening the park but closing it as well and we are always saying just one more ride on the way out as everyone is leaving.  Debbie will have her son, daughter, and two grandchildren with her so we will not spend all day together and just plan on meeting different times throughout the day. 

The best thing about Debbie’s grandsons is that they give us the excuse to ride some of the children’s rides that are really fun.  Last time we went we rode Tow Mater and I am not sure who had more fun me or Adyn but we sure both laughed.  Every ride at Disneyland can be shared with a child or with another adult as anticipate the many adventures on the ride as we wait in the themed waiting line.  One of the most interesting lines to wait in is the Indiana Jones Adventure ride as it twists through the tunnels as we go deeper and deeper into the jungle.  Another great line is Space Mountain as we approach the boarding station and see the huge spaceship.  Even the most jaded Disneyland guest has to take a breath as the site unfolds below them and we circle the spaceship waiting our turn to get into our seats, to be blasted off into a dark roller coaster ride through the stars.

Funny how once I pass through the gates of Disneyland I am transported out of my normal day to day life and I am once again a child looking for the magic of Disney.  As I sit through another show of the Enchanted Tiki Room I remember how much my mom enjoyed this.  When I get on the Matterhorn Bobsled I remember talking my mom into riding and looking back and seeing her sunglasses down on her chin and up above her eyes and her death grip on the side rails and me laughing, boy was I in trouble when she finally got off the ride. Memories of my sister and I riding the gondola Skyway and waving to our mom and aunt as passed overhead.  Each of the old rides has many special memories for me.  Yes, I know how every ride ends, I know every twist and turn in each ride, I know the characters along the way, but oh how I look forward to seeing each one of them again.

Splash Mountain Brandy, Nicki, Linda, Jon, Debbie

Now though I enjoy the park with my girls and soon I will be taking our granddaughter to see the magic of Disney and watch her eyes the first time she meets one of the characters.  Once when at the park with our daughters Nicki and Brandy they had their picture was taken with Mary Poppins and Burt and I was wearing a silly hat, both of the characters commented to the girls how lucky they were to have a mom like me!  It was very funny. 

Going to Disneyland is not cheap but there are ways to save.  Ideas to save money, do not stay at a property hotel, do not buy souvenirs in the park, buy a cool shirt before going and wear it at the park, buy snacks and take them with you into the parks (this is perfectly ok with them), pay for tickets, hotel room, shuttle, and as much as possible before going to lessen the impact. Use a Disney Rewards credit card such as what Chase has to get points to use at the parks, remember though if you carry a balance on the card you are not saving any money.   Once inside the parks enjoy all of the activities, the parade, the fireworks, the water shows, take a ride on the street cars, and people watch, it is all fun.  Do not forget to stop in and see Mr. Lincoln on the right just after entering Disneyland to watch him give his most famous speech.

Step into another world and enjoy the what Walt Disney created many years ago.


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