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Cut off your nose to spite your Face

By Linda Caffee
Posted Feb 11th 2020 6:32AM

The thread was about the poor treatment they had received about a reward perk that they did not receive. First rewards are something that is freely given and so can also be taken back by a vendor. They are not a given the perk is a reward with stipulations attached; do not meet the stipulation than no reward. Pretty simple.

The reward that was being complained about that they did not receive was less than fifteen dollars, yet the rage over this was enough to state we will never use this fuel stop chain again. I did some calculating using our fuel discount numbers for the past five months and came up with an interesting number. During the past five months, our discount has averaged thirty-three cents for a discount of $3766.48. A shower that costs less than fifteen dollars seems pretty insignificant.

It is easy to get frustrated at one branch of a chain, but to discount the whole chain is probably not such a great idea. Greg Huggins wrote a blog about rewards “Loyalty Rewards” and that rewards are freely given and can be retracted at any time.

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