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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

By Stephen and Sandy
Posted Nov 21st 2022 8:00AM

Communication is one of the most power full tools we have.  We convey information to one another, either verbal or written.  But, the most important thing is to communicate with one another.

Let’s start with the definition of “communicate” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

      Is to convey knowledge of or information about: make known

      Is to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood to open into each other: connect

      Make known every day we pass knowledge or information on different topics.  It is all ways important

Synonyms for communicate

      conduct, convey, give, impart, spread, transfer, transfuse, and transmit

What is one of the most important things to do is communicate.  Share information with others.  This can include and not be inclusive (family, friends, carrier, shipper, receiver, peer groups, etc.). 

Keep in touch with family and friends.  This way you are doing well and keep them inform of where you are.  That way if something does happen, they know where you were last.  How many times do you read that a truck driver is found dead in the truck.  Most of the time the truck is parked at a truck stop and it had been a long time since anyone had heard from the driver.  You can communication via all different ways, cell phone, text messages, emails, etc.  Get into a routine with your family or friends on how you communicate so they know if that stops something might be wrong with you.

Communicate with your carrier.  You might not think what information you have might not be important but they might think it is and might change something.  Some of the things you might need to communicate is a delay due to weather, traffic or getting loaded on time.

If your carrier your with provides contact information for a shipper or receiver it is always good make contact with them.  They can communicate more information to you that the carrier might not be able to.  We do a lot of loads that we do a white glove service.  White glove service is where we use our liftgate, pallet jack and do inside delivery.  It helps us to talk to the receiver to find out the best place to park to deliver to them.  What time works best for them to do the delivery.  Plus, you can give them your contact information so they can contact you directly if anything changes on their end.  Of course, if something does change you communicate that to your carrier.

Peers is one of the best ways to learn things in our industry.  Build a network of peers and keep in communication with each other on things that are going on.  We belong to two peer networks one is built with those in different part of the trucking industry and are owner operators.  The second is a group built from trucks just like ours inside of our carrier.  Both provide great communication of all different subjects.

Sandy & Stephen

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