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It's a Team's Life

Canada here we come...

By Linda Caffee
Posted Aug 26th 2009 2:06PM


We were offered a load going from Utah to Petawawa, Ontario that was HazMat.  We had to cross in Sarnia between the hours of 2 and 8 in the morning so we had to really work at timing our arrival.  We still arrived a little early and had to wait.  Our paperwork though was perfect and we had no trouble clearing the border!  We then had an awesome drive to Petawawa and one we were glad was done in the summer.  That area of Ontario looks as it receives a lot of Snow!  After we delivered we headed for Syracuse NY and were getting on the on ramp to the 401 and an accident had just happened blocking all lanes of the on ramp.  We spent a couple hours just a stone’s throw away from the border on the ramp waiting for the wreckage to be cleared.  Looks like there was a race between two mini vans and a truck to get onto the highway and they all lost.  After we started rolling again we finally made it to 1000 Islands which is one of my favorite places to see.   We hope someday to come back to this area and tour the islands.  We made it the border after the bridges and crossed back into the United States with no problem!  Great Trip.



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