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It's a Team's Life


By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 14th 2009 1:53AM

It is time to go back to work and recover from home time!  I have switched the truck over to its winter interior.  In the winter I have a dark red checked bedspread with matching pillow shams.  I feel as if the dark red adds warmth to the interior and it sure is nice when the snow is howling outside.  I have also added a few packages of soups and beans to be made when we hit cool weather.  We do not anticipate being home till Thanksgiving so a lot of weather changes can happen.

Once we have the truck loaded we are in hold mode which is stressful.  We are all dressed up and no place to go.   We wait and wonder which way the load will take us and where we will get to go. We do not want to get involved in any projects as the phone can ring at any minute and within ten minutes we need to be rolling out of the driveway.  Most of our load opportunities are for an ASAP pickup.

We have everything packed inside the truck so if you need something to drink or a snack you have to go to the truck.  If you want to read a book chances are it is in the truck!  Then the phone rings you accept the load and the race is on.  We go through the house to check that we have everything we need and then we fly out to the truck.  One does paperwork and the other get the address in the GPS and we are then we are rolling....


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