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A Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed!

By Linda Caffee
Posted Sep 10th 2021 8:16AM

Recently a new to Landstar driver contacted me and started asking a lot of questions that would then spark more questions.  This was all before he hauled his first load.  The questions were all over the place but each was designed to help his bottom line. 

Finally, he said, “Ms. Linda, I just want to succeed and be profitable at Landstar”.  I believe he will be very successful as he was asking a lot of questions and acting on those that will benefit him.  He was networking and taking notes with many different people. He will use that information gained to start off his career at Landstar on a very good note. 

My comment to him was that he was starting off on the right foot by asking a lot of questions and keeping an open mind.  He replied back with the comment his grandma always told him, “A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed!”  Ask questions and learn.  What a wise woman.

Improve your bottom line by asking questions and put that knowledge to work for you. 

Bob & Linda Caffee


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