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2024 Mid America Truck Show Wrap-up

By Sandy and Stephen
Posted Mar 26th 2024 8:00AM

Here is to another successful Mid America Tuck Show.  It feels like we walked a million miles each day and our bodies let us know that and we probably did.  We arrived in the parking area on Phillips Lane that was free parking for trucks (provided by TA/Petro) on Wednesday around 1230 to meet up with our group.  We were next to last of our group to arrive.  We started to meet with our new neighbors and invite them to our cook out which started at 1700.  It was great this year we had two grills going and got the food out to a bunch of hungry folks fast.  After eating it was time to relax and visit and catchup with the group.

The next morning, we were up early and cooking breakfast.  Since the new free park lot is just by Gate 1 of the convention center, we decided to see if we could walk it.  Well, it was a very easy walk.  We could have taken the free shuttle which was again provide by (TA/Petro) to get to the convention center.  We arrived and got our badges and headed into the wonders to be seen and people to talk to.  But, before heading in Sandy stopped by the Women In Trucking (WIT) booth to register for the Salute to Women behind the wheel that was going to be Friday afternoon….more on that later.

Got our badges and went to the Landstar safety meeting then we started in the South Hall this year.  We had VIP passes and were able to get at 10 am three hours early.  Sure, does help to cover ground in those three hours.  We would highly recommend getting the VIP pass.  Since most of the manufactures where not at the show we did not have that many stops.  Of course we had to go droll over the ARI Legacy Sleepers.  We also dreamed what we could do with 120+ inch sleeper.

Then we headed to the North Hall.  Some of the stops included BlueParrot, First Guard Insurance, Landstar, PrePass, Comdata, TA/Petro, Innovative Access Solutions and Alfa Ways.  Some these stops were to stop and visit since we do business with them.  TA/Petro was to thank them for the showers, free parking and shuttle.

Now onto the West Hall.  This one took most of our time to get through.  The stops list is long since this is where most of the products are at.  Our list included Gear Head Lube, Dock411, Truckers Against Trafficking, My Pillow, Truck Parking Club, TA Davy Crockett, Seafoam, Eckert & Assoc, Airtab and Mother Yoga Trucker.  Most of the stops were to do business check out products, buys some and talk about new products they have come out with.  Many of these vendors we have had as guest speakers on the weekly phone call with the Trucking Solutions Group (TSG).  In the Dock411 booth we got to meet face to face the new majority ownership.  Hope of Mother Yoga Trucker gave our group a impromptu class on how to stay fit while on the road.  She has been on a number of our Trucking Solutions Group calls helping each of us with questions we have had.  We use Seafoam in all of our vehicles and lawn equipment and they had some new items an answered all of our questions we had.

At sometime during the show Thursday, we ran into Isacc from Ontime Media.  We had great short visit with him since he was only going to be at the show that day and had lots of ground to still cover.

A point to bring up the attendance on Thursday seemed to be down.  We did not have any problems getting to where we wanted to be.  But just wait more to come on this.

That was end of our first day.  Man, we were beat and the feet were sore.  We headed back to the parking area for fire up the grills and have some burger and dogs.  Great company and friends and neighbors all joined in.

Friday morning again up early and cook breakfast for those that willing to join.  With getting all the vendors gotten to on Thursday.  So, we spent our day looking for new vendors and going back to those we already visited with more questions and also spending money.  We spent more time standing still talking this day and that really got the feet hurting.  We bought some My Pillows to try to see if they were better than the ones we had.  Also, orders some seat covers for the truck since the we have are starting to show wear.

We went to the Landstar hospitality suite for lunch.  They always put on a great spread and you do not walk away hungry.  They draw for door prices and Sandy won a Landstar throw blanket.

At about 1530 we headed to the WIT Salute to Women event on in the south wing on the second floor.  The have food, drinks, door prizes (sorry Sandy’s luck ran out here).  A couple of the things they do at this event is they have all the women CDL holders stand up.  Then the last one standing with the most years driving comes up on stage.  This year it was Candy Bass she has 51-year driving experience and over 7,000,000 accident-free miles.

Picture above of Candy Bass

At the end of the Salute to Women event they have all the women CDL holder get together for a group picture.

Picture above WIT Salute picture

Friday night one of our TSG members brough homemade chili for to have that night.  They used our truck to slow cook it all day.  Every time we get in the truck, we get hungry since it still smells like chili.  We spent the evening catching up on what we saw and who we talked to.

So, we noticed that both Friday and Saturday the attendance was huge.  You could not move through the halls with ease.  The attendance was like the mid 2010’s.  That was sure nice to see.

Broken record here….Saturday morning up early making breakfast.  Today was our day for the TSG workshop that was at 1145 in the east hall.

We first went to the Mother Yoga Trucker workshop where Hope showed the audience how to stay fit while on the road.

Picture above of Mother Yoga Trucker workshop (note: the one audience member in front row already worn-out LOL)

After that we went over the Landstar booth to visit a little before our workshop.

The TSG workshop was titled “Target Practice!  🎯 Is there a Bulleye’s on your back?”.  The group discussed subjects like new Department of Labor contractor rule, avoid aggressive driving, drivers’ appearance, etc.  We had a great audience that had questions and comments for us for interaction.

Picture above TSG workshop (L-R) Bob Bailey facilitator on loan from Landstar, Joel Boelman, Sandy Goche, Shane Rizzuto, Stephen Halsted, Henry Albert and Hec Hiltabrand

We head home on Saturday afternoon after the show closes.  This turned out to be a good year at the show we made some new networking contacts and learned about some new (to us) products.

We are looking forward already to next years Mid America Truck Show.  Once we get recouped from this years.


Sandy & Stephen

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