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Fuel for Thought

That's How I Roll

By Greg Huggins
Posted Aug 7th 2019 11:11PM

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your truck.

I can say that I am rolling smooth as Skippy and straight as an arrow thanks to a visit with my MD Alignment specialist. 

A proper alignment can extend your tire life. Tires, especially steer tires, can be a costly replacement item. Getting the most out of them will improve your bottom line. 

Of course, you will want to have some type of balance media for your tires and wheels, but equally important, if not more important, is also having a quality alignment. Whether you choose wheel weights, Centramatics, or balance beads to achieve tire and wheel balance is up to you, we all have our own preference, but you need to have tires and wheels balanced to help get the maximum use of those expensive tires. Keep those wheels rolling smoothly.

Now that you got the balance issues solved, a proper alignment will keep those wheels rolling straight. Pulling to the right or the left creates uneven edge wear patterns, and once the pattern is set, it is unlikely to go away. Uneven wear shortens the tire life and causes you to replace tires much sooner than necessary.

In the past I have always used whichever alignment shop could get me in on my schedule. My last alignment was also my first MD Alignment. After reading and hearing about the MD Alignment for years, I was finally able to try it out for myself. 


             Before                                             After                                                 Precise

I was able to get Michigan MD Alignment to do the work. Jim Fowler (of Michigan MD Alignment) was very meticulous. “Close enough” or “within specs” was not good enough. He worked until getting it set “dead on”. The process was also quite interesting to see, as it was unlike traditional alignments. While I was there, I also had all my tires balanced with balance beads. I have used balance beads for years without any issues and have had great results.

If you are concerned about your wheel bearings, ask Jim about Dr. Preload bearing adjustments.

If your truck is in need of a little alignment TLC, check out MD Alignment and if you will be in MIchigan and want to get it done, contact Jim Fowler at Michigan MD Alignment.

So that’s how I roll, smooth and straight. How about you?

See you down the road,