Fuel for Thought

Rolling With The Changes

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jan 9th 2022 8:22AM

For many, 2020 was a very bad year for business. The same could be said for 2021, however, both of the past two years have been great for other businesses. Depending on your business model and your motivations, each of the past two years had the potential to be great revenue producing years for the trucking industry. If you were willing and able to make adjustments to your business model (how you generally conduct business) and you were motivated to do make the adjustments (be flexible and open to new and different opportunities), you could have pivoted your “normal” business model from the previous years and reaped the rewards of 2020 and 2021. 

While we are apparently not out of the COVID woods yet, have you made adjustments to your normal business model to take advantage of the plethora of new opportunities available to you? Are you able to recognize these new opportunities or do you just wallow in the memories of days gone by? 

Rigidity in trucking is often detrimental to the business owner. Unwillingness to change to current markets, new environments and to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities could leave you standing high on principal but low in revenue. 

In the past (many years ago), you could run a trucking business with more stringent parameters, but in recent years (even Pre-COVID years), as we have moved into a more global market, a more online market and have definitely seen a rise in competition for available capacity (save for the pandemic age), it is now more important than ever to evolve your business to meet current conditions.

We are now in 2022, what changes have you made or plan to make to ensure your business continues to prosper? 

See you down the road,