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Fuel for Thought

Greg Huggins-leased to Landstar Express America
Greg Huggins-Western Star 5700xe-leased to Landstar Express America

Ready For The Road

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jun 10th 2019 11:29PM

Since this Western Star 5700xe is to become a straight truck, once Premier Custom Sleepers finished their part, it was time for the APU, 22 ft dry box and liftgate to be installed.

Starting with a great chassis, the Western Star 5700XE Aero with 82” Stratosphere sleeper is a great choice. A Detroit DD13, Detroit DT12 AMT transmission, disc brakes and low pro Michelin tires make this one powerful, comfortable and efficient machine.

Unlike many straight trucks, I opted for the side skirts for a more aerodynamic machine. The shiny tanks and steps look nice, but I want to reduce drag and increase efficiency.

LED lighting (minus headlamps, fog lamps and driving lights) reduces downtime chasing down burnt out bulbs.

Easy to change disc brakes (years in the future).

PM service is extended to 65,000 miles for this application, of course lube every 10,000 miles.

For my application, steer and drive tires should last 2 years and 4 years, respectively.

A dependable Carrier Comfort Pro APU for years of use with regular PM service.

The 22 ft dry box has composite rear doors. No metal skins to worry about when the harsh winter chemicals on the road spray up on them.

Aluminum/galvanized 4000 lb capacity liftgate for years of reliable, rust-free use.

And, of course, the quality work by Premier Custom Sleepers, should provide years of comfort when it is time to relax on the road.

It has been a few weeks since I took delivery of the truck and after getting decals and ELD installed, I hit the ground running.

How has it been running? What kind of MPGs? How is the ride? I'm glad you asked. It has been running great. Quiet ride, comfortable and handles very well. In the past few weeks, I have driven in the mountains, with wind from every direction, rain, heat and traffic. Several trips to New York City and back to the Midwest. The ride is smooth, it pulls the mountains without a care and handles well in the wind and rain. As for MPGs, I'm seeing 11.8 - 13.1 so far. This was while running at or near interstate speeds (65 mph, 68 mph or 70 mph) including New York City driving with a tight schedule.

If you would like to see what you can do with a Western Star 5700XE, contact John Lalonde at Buckeye Western Star in Plain City, OH. Find out just what you do with a custom sleeper by Wayne Baylor and Brock Adams at Premier Custom Sleepers in Ft. Worth,TX.

Attend the Expedite Expo July 19th and 20th in Ft. Wayne, IN to see one first hand.

See you down the road,



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