Fuel for Thought

Out To Get Me

By Greg Huggins
Posted May 13th 2023 5:35AM

Are you ready for the fast approaching International Roadcheck? This year, the 72 hour long International Roadcheck, AKA (also known as) the Safety Blitz, will take place May 16 - May 18. Safety blitz week, as many divers call it, is really only 72 hours in the middle of the week. Some drivers know this International Roadcheck as “vacation week”, since so many plan to NOT be on the road during these safety events. Many drivers feel that law enforcement is out to get them during these campaigns and park their trucks until they are over. Other drivers knowing their trucks “might” not pass an inspection, will also park their trucks during these safety events. Apparently, at least these drivers will get to have at least 3 weeks of vacation during the year due to these safety campaigns.

For those of you parking your trucks for these events, Thank You. The loss of capacity may help others during this downturn to have a better, more profitable week. Enjoy your vacation, we will enjoy the paychecks. 

As most of you should know, you are subject to these inspections at any time throughout the year so taking a week off because the chance of an inspection might increase seems ludacris to me. After more than three decades in the trucking industry, I have found most inspectors just want to do their job and go home (just like you). I could count on less than one hand the number of times in 30+ years that I have run into, let's say, an officer of questionable motives/morals.  They are not “out to get ya”. Sure, there are some inspectors that are more strict and even some who you could question their motives and honesty, but by and large, most are just doing a job. By the way, motives and honesty applies to drivers too, not all are the same. People are people, people.

For those of you hiding next week from the International Roadcheck, I want to help you out. Go ahead and book your cruise or beach house for the following dates:

July 9 - July 15, 2023 This will be Operation Safe Driver Week.

Aug. 20 - Aug 26, 2023 This will be the week that Operation Airbrake takes place.

Go ahead and plan your vacations and the rest of us will go ahead and book our loads. 

Enjoy your week off.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. 

-  Jean de La Fontaine

See you down the road (but probably not next week),