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New Year, New Permit, New Tax

By Greg Huggins
Posted Dec 28th 2022 5:30AM

We will soon be adding an additional tax just for driving in a certain state. This is another mileage tax, but unlike other states that currently have a per mile tax in place for commercial vehicles, this new tax for Connecticut will not only be mileage based, but the rate will be based on the GVW of said vehicle. Rates vary widely from $0.025 per mile for vehicles weighing 26,000 - 28,000 pounds all the way up to $0.175 per mile for vehicles weighing 80,001 pounds and higher. The rate for 78.001 - 80,000 pounds is $0.10 per mile.

This new Connecticut Highway Use Fee (Mileage Tax) goes into effect January 1, 2023. 

The following info is directly from Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Website

The Highway Use Fee is calculated based on an eligible motor vehicle’s weight and the number of miles driven in Connecticut. The per‑mile fee rate increases based on the carrier’s gross weight, ranging from (1) 2.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing 26,000-28,000 pounds (lbs.) to (2) 17.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing more than 80,000 lbs.

Highway Use Fee Rates (per mile)
Gross Weight in Pounds  Rate in Dollars  Gross Weight in Pounds  Rate in Dollars
       26,000-28,000                  0.025                 54,001-56,000                0.0654
       28,001-30,000                  0.0279               56,001-58,000                0.0683
       30,001-32,000                  0.0308               58,001-60,000                0.0712
       32,001-34,000                  0.0337               60,001-62,000                0.074
       34,001-36,000                  0.0365               62,001-64,000                0.0769
       36,001-38,000                  0.0394               64,001-66,000                0.0798
       38,001-40,000                  0.0423               66,001-68,000                0.0827
       40,001-42,000                  0.0452               68,001-70,000                0.0856
       42,001-44,000                  0.0481               70,001-72,000                0.0885
       44,001-46,000                  0.051                 72,001-74,000                0.0913
       46,001-48,000                  0.0538               74,001-76,000                0.0942
       48,001-50,000                  0.0567               76,001-78,000                0.0971
       50,001-52,000                  0.0596               78,001-80,000                0.10
       52,001-54,000                  0.0625               80,001 and over             0.175

According to the website, you will also need to carry a paper copy of this new permit with you in the truck as well. Since this is a new tax that also requires a new permit, there may be some leniency for the first few weeks or months, but you should be prepared to be inspected as they may be looking more closely at your permits and also campaign to raise awareness of this new tax and permit in Connecticut.

As we transition into the new year, keep this additional mileage tax in mind when you book your loads to or through Connecticut. Pennies add up to be dollars. Every additional dollar spent to haul a load is a dollar taken from your bottom line. At just over 100 miles from New York to Rhode Island on I-95, an 80,000 pound vehicle will incur an additional cost of $10 - $11 with this new mileage tax, and remember it is all miles driven in the state, so it can really add up quickly. 

Plan accordingly to help ensure you indeed do have a more prosperous new year.

See you down the road,