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IFTA Diesel Fuel Tax Map

New IFTA Diesel Fuel Tax Rate Map

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 13th 2023 5:01AM

For years, I have created and updated IFTA (International Fuel Tax Association) maps. It started from a need I had to easily find diesel fuel tax rates for fuel purchase planning. While the www.iftach.org website provides excellent information about fuel tax rates, I was interested in a simpler way to quickly find the rates for the states I was traveling in, through or to in order to plan my fuel purchases. Since the website lists all the states in alphabetical order, but we do not tend to cross state lines in alphabetical order, a map seemed to be the best way for me to do this. I first created a static map that I could manually cut and paste all the rates onto for each state. I then color coded the map for an even easier way to see rate differences from one state to another. Although this map worked great, it was time consuming to edit and publish updates for others to use. I then found a new way to quickly enter the rates on an interactive map chart. This map chart would automatically update from a tax rate spreadsheet, but I still needed to update the spreadsheet in order for the map chart. This method worked very well until the chart stopped loading the updates. This had me searching for a new way to display this info in map form.

Now I have created what I hope will work for quite some time, a new IFTA Tax Rate Map that utilizes Google Maps and should auto update from a web resource to keep it current. 

This new map has a single marker for each state and with just a click, you can see the tax rate for that state. Since it utilizes Google maps, it can be zoomed in or zoomed out for easy use in the smaller northeastern states.

If anyone is interested in using this new map, just use the link below. Once on the site, you can also use your device’s menu to add/save to the homescreen for easy access to the map anytime in the future.

For all of you who have used my maps in the past, Thank You. For anyone new to using my fuel tax map, this is free to use and ad free. I receive no compensation for this. I created these maps for my own use and others seemed to like using them so I made them available to any and all who find them useful. Fuel smarter, know your fuel tax rates and get the most fuel for the least cost.

The new IFTA Diesel Fuel Tax Rate Map can be found HERE.

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