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Fuel for Thought

Just Another Day OR Above And Beyond... Yes!

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jan 31st 2019 4:13PM

Familiarity breeds contempt. You may have heard this old adage, you might have even repeated a time or two. If you have never heard it or you do not understand the meaning of it, familiarity breeds contempt refers to complacency. Repetition can be a great way to learn something, but too much repetition can lead to taking things for granted. Most, if not all, of us are creatures of habit. Maybe you always run the same route, see the same customers and stop at the same fuel stops. You know which fuel stops take longer to get in and out of, where to find the best food on your route and where to find safe parking at the end of your day/route. Along with all this repetition, you may even begin to see a decline in the level of service you provide because “it’s just another day” or “same ol’ thing again and again” and you begin to expect certain things to happen in a certain way, at a certain time and from certain people. Some might call this static thinking.

Fluid thinking might be a better way to consider your days. Sure, you may see the same people day in and day out, but it is still a business transaction. A little comradery for people you see or talk to regularly during the course of business is great, but don’t fall into the trap of becoming overly comfortable and slacking on you duties. Going “above and beyond” every day keeps your days from becoming mundane and adds value to your role with your customers. Becoming complacent is the first step to letting your competition get a foot in the door with your customers and your first step to a new routine.

Finding new ways to continually improve your service and efficiency can be a great way to turn “just another day” into increasing your value with your customers which can ultimately lead to increased revenue.

What do you see when you look around your customer’s facility? You see the “go getters”, the “I’m here , but watching the clock” people and the slackers. You have an outside view.

What do your customers see when you arrive? Do they dread dealing with you? Are they happy to see you again? If other drivers are there when you are, are you all treated equally or do the more professional drivers get preferential treatment? Are you a problem or a solution?

Whether you run a regular route or not, customers have choices and they do not have to call you back. While you may be familiar with your customer, if you do not provide the level of service they need and expect, they can and will choose another carrier later. Remember, your customer may see drivers from several carriers each day, if you are there for “just another day”, it could be your last.

Show your customers a positive, professional image and stand out above the rest.

Make every day “just another day of going above and beyond”.

See you down the road,



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