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It's That Time Of Year Again

By Greg Huggins
Posted Nov 12th 2018 9:02PM

It’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, well, the amount of daylight is shorter, but we still need to get to our pick up and delivery locations. The decrease in daylight brings about more night driving. It also can lead to more interactions with wildlife, as well as the more hazardous winter road conditions.

Each year we know it coming, but are you prepared for the winter driving months? Unlike the relative ease of summer driving, aside from dealing with all the vacation travellers, winter driving needs a bit more preparation.

Hopefully you have prepared your truck for the season. Batteries, fluids, belts, filters (especially a proper functioning air dryer filter) and tires should all be inspected regularly, but in preparing for winter, consider replacements or, in the case of belts fluids and filters, consider carrying extras on the truck. Getting stranded in the summer is a hassle, but getting stranded in the winter can be deadly.

Clothing should be appropriate for the season. Pack as if the truck left you stranded on the side of the road in North Dakota in January. If it should happen, at least you will have a fighting chance at staying warm as you walk to find a cell signal to call for help.

Food and water are also essentials. Non perishable or long shelf life foods for emergency situations. Water is a must. Dehydration can set in quickly in the less humid winter months as the cold winds also contribute to robbing your body of water.

A lesser talked about issue that comes around in the darker, winter months is depression. Missing out on family holidays and long dark driving hours as well as the “winter blues” leads to depression in many people this time of year. To help combat the winter blues, stay in touch with friends and family often while on the road. Watch comedy shows and movies to lift your spirits. Listen to comedians on the radio. Read uplifting or funny books and articles. Avoid alcohol. Get plenty of sleep, it is more difficult to keep a level head with an exhausted mind and body. Exercise. Any exercise. Exercise releases chemicals that make you feel good, tired yes, but with a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate even small victories. The more you look at the positives, the smaller the negatives become.

Prepare your truck for the winter months ahead, but also prepare yourself. Planning for the worst scenario can make the trip a little easier. You won’t have to worry so much about the “what if” ahead, since you have already prepared for it. Obviously, you cannot prepare for everything, but if you are ready for most situations that could arise, your stress level will be reduced, making the trip ahead a little easier on your truck, your body and your mind.


See you down the road,



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