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International Roadcheck 2023

By Greg Huggins
Posted May 22nd 2023 8:42AM

This year’s International Roadcheck, AKA Safety Blitz, AKA vacation week, has come and gone. This year, like every year, I continue to serve my customers during these safety events. While many try to avoid it, I just continue on with business as usual. 

This year I have some stats for those of you who were hiding from the 72 hour roadcheck. This is what I encountered during the three day event.

Tuesday 5/16

Day 1

During my driving that day, I encountered 3 weigh stations.

Of these three scales, one was closed, not because it was full, it was just closed. 

The other two weigh stations were open, and while I did not get a green light on my PrePass, I just had to roll across the scales. No inspections.

Wednesday 5/17

Day 2

On this day I came across four weigh stations. All were open and one had some busy activity in the parking lot.

One weigh station gave me a green bypass light on my PrePass device. One was open and didn’t give a PrePass bypass, but I just had to roll through the weigh station bypass lane. The other two had my roll across the scales. No inspections.

Thursday 5/18 (Final day of the 72 hour event)

Day 3

I found four weigh stations open. None that were closed. Of the four, two gave me a PrePass green light, the other two just had me roll across the scales. Again no inspections.

For the three days of International Roadcheck 2023, I interacted with eleven weigh stations and not one of them hassled or targeted me for anything. It was just another scale crossing each time. In case any of you are wondering, my current window sticker is white, with a big number 2 on it and is missing 2 corners. So I must have received it in the 4th quarter (white), of last year (big number 2 for 2022) and in October (missing 2 top corners), and while it is not extremely old, it is around 8 months old so that is not why they didn’t stop me. Also of note, those eleven scales were in 4 different states. North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama (yes, I crossed the only permanent scale in Alabama and had no issue during a “Safety Blitz”).

My only point in all of this is that for those of you who lose revenue as you try to avoid a safety event like this is that if you maintain your equipment and drive legally, there is nothing to lose sleep (or revenue) over when these events arise.

They are not “out to get you” unless you are the one with obvious violations.

Be safe out there.

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. 

-  Brian Tracy

See you down the road,