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Early bird

Early Bird

By Greg Huggins
Posted Apr 14th 2017 9:10AM

The early bird gets the worm. An old saying that we have all heard most of our lives. The wisdom behind is that you can miss opportunities for being late. In expediting,  on time is crucial, early is usually better, but late is not an option. So the early bird gets the benefits of a great reputation for service and additional load opportunities.

There are times where great load offers will come your way but for whatever the reason, you are not able to provide the service the customer demands. Maybe you cannot deliver your current load early enough to make the strict pick up time of the great load being offered. In these cases, just put it out of your mind. Since there is no way you can take this great paying load,  there is no reason to dwell on the loss of it. Other loads will come along. Maybe even a better one, perhaps not.

Many times you will find that loads offered to you are subpar for your business, but even load offers that do not meet your minimum can lead to other opportunities just by listening, negotiating or otherwise conveying your requirements to those with the low offers in a professional manner. Be respectful, even to absurd offers. It is just business and shouldn't be taken personally.

There is another part to the early bird saying.

The early bird gets the worm,  but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Second, third or fourth load offers may be the one that meets your needs. So try not to get stuck regretting missed load opportunities,  instead focus on the positive. There will be other loads. Today you may not be the early bird, maybe today you are the second mouse, so go get your cheese.

See you down the road,



  • teamcaffee - April 15, 2017
    Greg really interesting blog and I like the part about not crying over spilt milk. If you cannot take the load then put it out of your mind and move on to find a load that will work.
  • Greg - April 15, 2017
    Thanks TeamCaffee. No point dwelling on "if". Just move on to bigger and better things.

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