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Fuel for Thought

COVID Collapse

By Greg Huggins
Posted Oct 26th 2020 7:47AM

2020 has been a very interesting year, so far. We have seen the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) into our society and the attempts to quash the virus. 

We have tried "shelter at home" and self quarantine attempts. 

We have meandered through face covering orders from government officials. 

We have been told to wash our hands and avoid touching our face. 

We have seen the rise of hand sanitizer use.

We have seen hoarding of food and supplies. 

We have seen shortages of some food and some supplies. 

We have been told to stay at least 6 feet apart from other people, aka "social distancing ".

We have closed portions of our economy, some still closed or only partially open. 

We have seen special shopping hours for the elderly dubbed Senior hours.

We have seen restaurants closed and reopened with some very odd stipulations for their current operations. 

We have seen restaurant patrons eating outside in a tent, but unable to enter the actual building. 

We have seen lines of people, 6 feet apart, standing outside a business waiting to enter. 

Even with all of these precautions, and many, many others, the virus is still said to be among us. 

If none of these things worked, why are we still doing them?

Maybe a complete shutdown would work. Not a partial. Not a voluntary shelter in place, not a limit on patrons to a business, but a complete and total shutdown to separate people and get rid of this annoying virus once and for all. 

Well, let's not be stupid. 

What would a total shutdown look like? EVERY business, government office, road, airport and shipping port... CLOSED. That should solve the problem...NOT !

You cannot COMPLETELY shut down a FREE country such as the United States. It just will not happen. It cannot happen. 

Complete shutdown (assuming it would be AT LEAST 2 weeks since that is the current accepted quarantine period of this virus):

  • No food, except what you already have on hand
  • No water after some time. There is no magic that gets the water to flow from your faucet. 
  • No television news. Remember, EVERYONE is shut down. 
  • Blackouts, people work to supply electricity.
  • No fire protection, people fight fires.
  • No police protection, people enforce the laws.
  • No military protection, our armed forces require people.
  • Rise in criminal activity. These people would not obey a shut down law anymore than they obey laws now. 

IF you made it through a complete shutdown, the supplies available would be severely limited, since no one was working to keep the supply chain going. 

Since there was not ANY police or fire protection, when you emerged from your home, you would likely see fires, destruction from looters and other criminal activities. 

None of the things our country has tried, worked to eradicate the virus. What will the “officials” think of next? 

I believe it was a few weeks ago that our President contacted the “deadly” virus. According to recent news, our 74 year old President is still alive and well. 

Wasn’t the Seniors of our population supposed to be most at risk of dying from this Kung Flu?

What will it take to get our country back on track? I don’t believe we will ever go back to where we started before this “pandemic”, but our FREE nation should not be stifled any longer.

See you down the road,