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Fuel for Thought

COVID-19 Crashes

By Greg Huggins
Posted Mar 21st 2020 7:34AM

This has been an interesting week. Amid all the chaos over the COVID-19, I have been trucking somewhat as usual. 

Before all the hysteria began over the hand sanitizers, lysol and disinfecting wipes began, many of us already took precautions to clean and sanitize our trucks. It has been a normal part of everyday life to wash our hands as well. It is not just good hygiene, but also a good business practice. You cannot work at peak performance when you are ill, keeping clean is just another part of business.

Something that I have noticed all week, was the lack of normal traffic in many areas. I did notice that trucks were more prevalent on the roads. This led me to wonder how the NHTSA crash stats will look for this time period. Crash stats typically come out the following year or so. It will be interesting to see the numbers for truck crashes and fatalities during this time, however long it lasts. 

Truckers have claimed for years that many or most crashes involving large trucks were attributed to cars being at fault. Well, here is a chance to see if the numbers also reflect that claim. 

While I hope the numbers will show fewer large truck crashes and fatalities during this time, I can say, at least for the previous week, that not once did I encounter a car-truck crash or truck-truck crash or even a car-car crash. Aside from one weather related crash which I was able to plan my trip around, I did not see any crashes or delays from traffic all last week.

Stay safe out there.

See you down the road,