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Cash is King

Cash Is King

By Greg Huggins
Posted Mar 24th 2017 6:16PM

Cash is King, but holding onto some of your cash will make you a smart King. Earning a living on the road can be difficult enough and there are so many ways your cash can trickle, or sometimes pour, out of your pockets. So, why not do all you can to hold onto as much as you can.

After a lot of research into the various “passes” for tolls, I recently purchased a Sun Pass for Florida tolls. After looking into it, it was a no brainer. Unlike EZ Pass, iPass, etc., Sun Pass only works for Florida tolls. I purchased the Sun Pass mini sticker transponder, but you can also get the standard Sun Pass transponder.

While travelling south on Florida’s Turnpike, I stopped in the first Service Plaza, Okahumpka Service Plaza at mile marker 300, and purchased a Sun Pass mini sticker transponder for $4.99 plus tax (the standard transponder is $19.99 plus tax). Easy set up directions are on the back of the package, and mounting instructions are also included inside the package. I used my phone’s browser to set up my Sun Pass account, but you can also call the toll free number and set up an account. The process was easy, just your basic information and your vehicle information. Opening the package the transponder was in was the most difficult part of the installation and setup. It worked instantly. SunPass Mini

If you travel in Florida and use toll roads, get a Sun Pass. If your truck has 3 axles or more, you may need to set up a commercial account and the forms are available on the Sun Pass website. I drive a 2 axle straight truck, so a personal account is fine, as the tolls are the same as for cars. I called customer service to confirm this as well, and although I do not have a pusher or tag axle, I asked about it. Customer service said since a pusher or tag axle is not always on the ground, it was treated the same as a car pulling a 1 axle trailer. So if you have a 2 axle straight with a tag or pusher axle, you only get charged extra for it when it is on the ground as you pass through the toll plazas.

Now for the good part. So I spent $4.99 for a transponder + $0.35 tax = $5.34 total. The rest of my trip south I was able to use the Sun Pass only lanes and then the same for the return trip north. I saved more in tolls with the Sun Pass discounts (round trip) than I paid for the transponder.

Even if you don’t go to Florida often, just one trip could save you enough that all other trips to Florida will just be cash for the King.

There is NO monthly fees to have the transponder, there are NO fees to load funds into your PREPAID account. Yes, prepaid.

There are mobile apps available to maintain your account.

Android version : Google Play Store

Apple version : iTunes

I have the Android app and it works very well. Easy to use and easy to navigate.

Personal accounts can be opened with as little as $10.00, commercial accounts are $50.00 minimum to open. Funds can be loaded to your account online, by phone, with the app or in person. Yes, in person! If you prefer not to use a credit card, you can prepay with cash by walking into any SunPass Payment Center ( Sun Pass Cash Replenishment Locations ). Toll plazas may be going cashless, but in Florida at least, cash is still King, and if you use SunPass, you’ll have extra cash for your kingdom.

See you down the road,


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  • teamcaffee - March 26, 2017
    Greg great info and I believe we will need the commercial Sun Pass but I agree it seems like a no brainer.

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