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Be Prepared

By Greg Huggins
Posted Oct 26th 2017 10:05AM

Are you prepared? With all the hurricanes and subsequent flooding, there were many instances of cars and trucks getting caught in flood waters. Whether a flash flood or just rising waters, getting caught in a flood and having the ability to not just get out of your vehicle but also signal to others for help is vital. There are devices on the market for breaking glass. There are also seat belt cutters. There are even products that have both of these combined. What if you are caught in flood waters at night? has a solution. The INGEAR autoXscape.

This well crafted flashlight is much more than just an ordinary flashlight. Not only is it water resistant to 1 meter, which is important when considering a device for use in flood waters, but it also has 3 light modes - high, low and SOS. This gives you some options for signaling for help as well as prolonging battery life.

The autoXscape also features 2 window hammers. What's a window hammer? If you find yourself trapped in a vehicle, breaking the glass can be the easiest way out and a window hammer makes this easier. Why does the autoXscape have 2 window hammers? Because it also has a built in seat belt cutter. If you find yourself trapped by your seat belt, whether in flood water or just a rollover crash, removing your seat belt can be the obstacle between you and escape, having a seat belt cutter solves this problem. The end cap has the window hammer included in it for easy use. If you need to cut your seat belt, simply remove the end cap to expose the cutter blade. The 2nd window hammer is on the end of the seat belt cutter,  because in an emergency situation, you may not have time to replace the cap, and you will not need to.

All of these features sound great until you consider that in a rollover crash, water landing or flash flood, time is of the essence and convenience is key. The autoXscape also comes with a mounting bracket to keep it within reach if you should ever need it.

So, you have a great flashlight, with a seat belt cutter and 2 window hammers securely mounted within reach reach. Hopefully you will never need to be rescued from rising waters in your vehicle, but being prepared with this compact device can help, and if you never use the window hammers or seatbelt cutter, you still have a handy flashlight and some piece of mind.

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