Fuel for Thought

BC and AD

By Greg Huggins
Posted Sep 15th 2021 6:08AM

Time is defined by certain points. Seconds tick by. Minutes come and go. Hours can seem fast or slow. Days fade into the past. Months go by. We measure so many things by the number of years. Decades often mark anniversaries. Centuries are ticked off every one hundred years. Millenia are marked every one thousand years. 

Then there are blocks of time we mark as special points of time from the rest. 

Eras can mark certain periods of time which do fit into general chronological orders. Dynasties make their mark in time. Generations have their own time periods defined. 

Different cultures mark time according to their beliefs or their rulers. 

Societies have used different ways to record time periods. Our current calendar is very different from past civilization’s way of recording time.

We currently have a very distinct dividing line between our B.C. time and our A.D. time periods. A single event in history which actually created a division in the way we record time. 

The years to follow the COVID pandemic will be interesting. COVID 19 is not republican or democrat, it is not just an American issue. It affected the people of the planet, not just one country or continent. Will it be an event large enough to mark time by? 

Will our future time recordings include a new BC and AD? Before Covid and Anno Doctrina? The governments of the world have seemed to adopt a covid doctrine, of sorts. Mandates for vaccine compliance seem to be a large part of the doctrine. Penalties for non compliance also seem to be a part of the new mantra. Those who follow the new covid doctrine are encouraged to oust those who do not “toe the line”. 

Everyday life as we knew it, B.C.(Before Covid), seems a little strange these days. Life in this new era of A.D.(Anno Doctrina) is becoming more “normal” to people as time marches on.

It sure seems like a point in time which will be noted for years to come. What it will be called in the history books… Only time will tell.

See you down the road,