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Fuel for Thought

..... Trumps Ego

By Greg Huggins
Posted Jan 21st 2018 6:08PM

Trump wins. Everyone loves trump. Everyone has a different idea of what trump should be for, but almost everyone will try to use trump, even when they shouldn’t. Trump comes in many forms.

For all the card players, you probably already know having a trump card and using it correctly can be a game changer. A trump card beats all other cards, except a bigger trump card. There are other forms of trump we need to see more of on our roads today.

Courtesy and safety for your fellow drivers TRUMPS your ego to be ahead of everyone else. When it is time to hit the road, don’t bring your “me first” ego with you. We all see these drivers in a variety of forms.

The infamous “turtle racers” on the interstate. A ½ mile per hour is not worth spending 15 - 20 miles of riding beside a fellow driver, neither giving a fraction of an inch to the other to allow a pass. If you cannot pass in a timely manner, DO NOT PASS. The longer the “turtle race” lasts, the more agitated your fellow drivers behind you become, thus possibly leading to unsafe driving when they are finally able to resume their normal highway speeds. The dangers of turtle racing two slower vehicles on the interstate TRUMPS your ego you be 100 feet ahead.  

The “awakening” of drivers. You know or are this person. You know, the one that will only speed up when you start to pass. The one tootling along in the right lane until you “wake” them when you try to pass, only to have them then speed up and either pace alongside you or speed up only long enough for you to get back behind them, only for them to slow down again. If you consider that there are ALWAYS others drivers ahead of you, then allowing this one vehicle to pass you is not a big deal. Safety and courtesy TRUMPS your “me first” ego to be ahead of the one vehicle trying to pass you, this not the time to speed up.

The “surprised” drivers. These are especially dangerous. They either enter the interstate slow or fast, but both have one thing in common, they are not planning to merge and are surprised when you are there when they reach the end of the ramp and only then do they assess whether they can safely merge. Many times these are the same drivers who, if you are able to move over a lane to left to give them room for their poor planning, then they will just hold pace with you, blocking your return to the lane. If you are entering the interstate it is YOUR responsibility to merge with the traffic already there. Although trucks do tend to move over for merging traffic, it is not always possible and you, the merger, need to plan accordingly. If the lane opens up, that is great, but if not, it is up to you to fit in. Responsibility TRUMPS your “me first” ego to expect everyone else to make room for you to merge and if another driver does move over to allow you room for merging, speed up or slow down to allow the courteous driver on your left to move back, if possible.

Consider your fellow drivers and leave the inflated ego at home. Safety trumps your "me first" ego everytime.


See you down the road,



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