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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines


April 16, 2020 Volume 2020-077.

TSA TWIC Waiver, changes at shippers due to COVID-19, WIT's Driver of the Year,,, dress code.

Paccar Recall

April 15, 2020 Volume 2020-076.

Paccar Recall, hackers, hot meals for truckers,,, millionaire for a minute.

FMCSA Waiver

April 14, 2020 Volume 2020-075.

FMCSA Waiver, drivers wanted, driver support,,, personal crisis.

More Weigh Station Parking

April 13, 2020 Volume 2020-074.

More Weigh Station Parking, Quiznos for trucks, donations,,, Finnish bakery TP cakes.

HOS Waiver

April 10, 2020 Volume 2020-073.

HOS Waiver, donation to St. Christopher, weigh station parking,,, smart toilet.

Truck Parking Help

April 9, 2020 Volume 2020-072.

Truck Parking Help, new drivers problems, HDT Fleet Innovators,,, essential workers

Heroes Fund

April 8, 2020 Volume 2020-071.

Heroes Fund, rest areas allowed to have food trucks, ATA cancels championships,,, social distancing circle. 

LA/TX Border Screening

April 7, 2020 Volume 2020-070.

LA/TX Border Screening for Passenger Vehicles, AZ opens old rest stops for CMV, Antique show rescheduled,,, baby names,

Stay at Home States

April 6, 2020 Volume 2020-069.

Stay at Home States, free course on COVID-19, fake cop in GA 706-367-8718,,, wedding plans.

More Trucker Appreciation

April 3, 2020 Volume 2020-068.

More Trucker Appreciation, AR food truck permits, keep mask or bandana in truck,,, creative visitation for our elderly.