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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Truck Parking Bill

March 30, 2021 Volume 2021-063

Truck Parking Bill, witnesses needed 845-565-7000, top women to watch, TBS Factoring Service, mean birds.

Law Enforcement Advisory Board

March 29, 2021 Volume 2021-062.

Law Enforcement Advisory Board, toll rates at Sault Ste. Marie, TA donation to St. Christopher Fund, TBS Factoring Service, sling shot ride malfunction.

Infrastructure Plan

March 26, 2021 Volume 2021-061

Infrastructure Plan, TN truck parking, MS truck stop closing, TBS Factoring Service, cooped-up teen.

Road Usage Tax

March 25, 2021 Volume 2021-060.

Road Usage Tax, fatal accident, FMCSA Art Contest, TBS Factoring Service, pricey car

Class 8 Orders Backlog

March 24, 2021 Volume 2021-059.

Class 8 Orders Backlog, I-10 AL congestion plan, trucker pays it forward, TBS Factoring Service, speeding ticket.

Expedite Expo 2021

March 19, 2021 Volume 2021-056

Info Wanted on Human Traffickers 760-335-5343, crash into house, Expedite Expo 2021 is happening in July, TBS Factoring Service, free sushi

More on Paycheck Protection

March 18, 2021 Volume 2021-055

More on Paycheck Protection, bankruptcy filed, dangling camper, TBS Factoring Service, 2 week notice.

Truck Only Tax

March 17, 2021 Volume 2021-054.

Truck Only Tax, deadly explosion, out of service, TBS Factoring Service, pricey foods.

Record Snowfall

March 16, 2021 Volume 2021-053

Record Snowfall, accidents close I-40, armed assailant, TBS Factoring Service, stolen goods.

Time Change Debate

March 15, 2021 Volume 2021-052

Time Change Debate, weekend weather, truck fatality data, TBS Factoring Service, hot beer.