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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Louisiana Insurance Fraud

October 4, 2019 Volume 2019-197.

Louisiana Insurance Fraud, fatalities, fleet safety conference save $200 with Promo code MHDUTY200,,, NBA food tester.

Clearinghouse Registration Opens

October 3, 2019 Volume 2019-196. 

Clearinghouse Registration Opens, MI roadcheck, tanker brake lights,,, professional eater.

Winter Storm in MT

October 2, 2019 Volume 2019-195. 

Winter Storm in MT, FMCSA new rules, fatal accident stats,,, potty tech.

GM Strike Continues

October 1, 2019 Volume 2019-194.

GM Strike Continues, Lower Manhattan pilot program, CBD oil and CDL,,, dress or x

CSA Score Accuracy

September 30, 2019 Volume 2019-193.

CSA Score Accuracy, sleep study, PS4 trucking game,,, garlic bread taster.

Drug Use Study

September 27, 2019 Volume 2019-192.

Drug Use Study, use the posted detours, freak accident,,, metal detecting.

Snowstorm Coming

September 26, 2019 Volume 2019-191.

Snowstorm coming, K9 officers discover illegals, CA smog tests,,, cows.

Diesel Prices Up

September 24, 2019 Volume 2019-189.

Diesel Prices Up, I-75 KY crackdown, food drive,,, dog talkers.

I-10 in TX Still Shut Down

September 23, 2019 Volume 2019-188.

I-10 in TX still shut down, GoodYear found negligible, drug screening,,, stolen AC.

Diesel Prices

September 20, 2019 Volume 2019-187.

Diesel Prices, I-10 in TX, flu season,,, venmo.