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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2021 Volume 2021-001

Happy New Year! Year end inquiries, truck travel bans, Daimler and NHTSA,,, house for sale

A Look Back

December 31, 2020 Volime 2020-259

A look back on 2020, and forward to 2021,,

FMCSA Proposal

December 30, 2020 Volume 2020-258.

FMCSA Proposal, delivery driver unharmed 901-528-CASH, salt driver intervenes,,, how to clear your driveway

Volvo Recall

December 29, 2020 Volume 2020-257

Work-Related Fatalities, Volvo Recall, hazardous driver,,, surfing santas

Covid Relief Bill

December 28, 2020 Volume 2020-256.

Covid Relief Bill, OOIDA unhappy with bill, TA and St. Christopher Fund,,, auction.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2020 Volume 2020-255.

Merry Christmas!,

Truckers and Covid Vaccine

December 24, 2020 Volume 2020-254.

Truckers and Covid Vaccine, trailer orders, impromptu car hauler,,, Santa snafu.

2019 Fatalities

December 23, 2020 Volume 2020-253

2019 Fatalities, drug bust, donations,,, loose cheetah

Second Wave of Covid Vaccines

December 22, 2020 Volume 2020-252.

Second Wave of Covid Vaccines, waiver extensions, Breaker 19 box,,, spicy pictures.

MId America Trucking Show 2021 to be rescheduled

December 21, 2020 Volume 2020-251.

MId America Trucking Show 2021 to be rescheduled, lane restrictions, most dangerous state for driving,,, demolition auction