Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Highway Bill Details

June 7, 2021 Volume 2021-111.

Highway Bill details, traffic fatalities, bridge closed for construction ogdensport.com, TBS Factoring Service, paid parking

Atlanta Bypass

June 4, 2021 Volume 2021-110

Atlanta Bypass, VA rest areas closed, historical truck show aths.com, TBS Factoring Service, FDA Warning.

Highway Bill

June 3, 2021 Volume 2021-109.

Parking in the Highway Bill, waiver extended thru August, Daimler recall, TBS Factoring Service, Gone Fishin'

Anti-Protest Legislation

June 2, 2021 Volume 2021-108.

Anti-Protest Legislation, bridge closed KANdrive.org, fire engulfs several trucks, TBS Factoring Service, happy mistake

Support for Infrastructure Bill

June 1, 2021 Volume 2021-107

Support for Infrastructure Bill, reckless drivers, St. Christopher Fund show truckersfund.org/scf-podcasts, TBS Factoring Service, mohawk king.

Global Chip Shortage

May 31, 2021 Volume 2021-106.

Global Chip Shortage, Pensacola bridge reopens, meth seized, TBS Factoring Service, Darth Vader house on the market

Emergency Declaration Extended

May 28, 2021 Volume 2021-105

Emergency Declaration Extended, cargo theft, survey on autonomous trucks, TBS Factoring Service, pool crashers.

Speed Limiter Bill

May 27, 2021 Volume 2021-104

Speed Limiter Bill, bridge repair, billboard campaign, TBS Factoring Service, spit-free cake.

OOIDA and Insurance Minimums

May 26, 2021 Volume 2021-103.

OOIDA and Insurance Minimums call 773-342-0774 or 773-475-0833, Highway Bill, trooper enforcement campaign in LA MS TN, TBS Factoring Service, brains for longevity

CVSA Brake Safety Week Aug 22-28

May 25, 2021 Volume 2021-102

CVSA Brake Safety Week Aug 22-28, rest areas reopen in WY, Ice Road on Netflix, TBS Factoring Service, prom ride.