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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

No Travel Forecast

May 20, 2020 Volume 2020-101.

Memorial Day, no travel forecast, deregulation order, Navistar recall,,, chocolate chip recipes.

ComCar Bankruptcy

May 19, 2020 Volume 2020-100.

ComCar Bankruptcy, speed traps in OH, move your truck or else,,, watermelon robbers

Truckers' Protest

May 18, 2020 Volume 2020-099.

Truckers' Protest, ATA and TCA like HOS changes, driver poll results,,, Lego Walk.

HOS Reform Ready for Publication

May 15, 2020 Volume 2020-098.

HOS Reform Ready for Publication, Walcott Jamboree Online, ATRI looks ahead,, clone machine

HOS Waiver Extension

May 14, 2020 Volume 2020-097.

HOS Waiver Extension, trucking protest escalates, I-70 closures in Indy,,, stinky blue algae.

Shipping Documents

May 13, 2020 volume 2020-096.

Shipping Documents, Mother's Day convoy rescheduled,,, lottery winner.

Safe Driver week

May 12, 2020 Volume 2020-095

Safe Driver week, Road Check postponed, Expedite Expo reschedules to Oct 23-24, virtual truck show,,, deer in the living room.

Unemployment Soars

May 11, 2020 Volume 2020-094.

Unemployment Soars, ELD system discontinued, Sirius Road Dog channel free for May,,, not too late.

Challenges Will Remain

May 8, 2020 Volume 2020-093.

Challenges Will Remain, TA reopens some restaurant locations, new parking,,, the birds.

OOIDA asks for assistance

May 7, 2020 Volume 2020-092.

OOIDA asks for assistance, NC price gouging lawsuit, trucking salute,,, odd luxury.