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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Truck Stop Grievances

March 5, 2020 Volume 2020-047.

Truck Stop Grievances, MO carrier closing, Meritor recall 866-668-7221,,, Dallas demolition.

Tornado Death Toll Rises

March 4, 2020 Volume 2020-046.

Tornado Death Toll Rises, HOS rule, KY safety blitz,,, Taco Bell memorial.

Winter Pile-ups

March 3, 2020 Volume 2020-045.

Winter Pile-ups, left lane laws, third-party tows,,, another leap baby.

Idling in NYC Campaign

March 2, 2020 Volume 2020-044.

Idling in NYC Campaign, trucker's crimes, Safety Summit,,, Leap Day baby.

TQL Data Breach

February 28, 2020 Volume 2020-043.

TQL Data Breach 800-822-5980, best paid companies, SuperRigs in June,,, towel-eating pet.

Penske Layoffs

February 27, 2020 Volume 2020-042.

Penske Layoffs, fancy broccoli, Reward 706.629.1244,,, airport chicken.

Another Closing

February 26, 2020 Volume 2020-041. 

Another Closing, clearinghouse cracks, ATA honors maintenance professionals,,, Bond fan

AL Flooding

February 25, 2020 Volume 2020-040.

AL Flooding, Fieri and Freightliner, assault,,, frying pan roller.

Clearinghouse Off to Good Start

February 24, 2020 Volume 2020-039.

Clearinghouse Off to Good Start, another trucking company closes, Celadon equipment auction,,, moose on the slopes.

140-Vehicle pile-up

February 21, 2020 Volume 2020-038.

140-Vehicle pile-up in Quebec, tolling and infrastructure, Trucker Emergency Assistance,,, dumb thief.