Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Revenue Plan

May 21, 2021 Volume 2021-100

Revenue Plan, MN detour, Tu Simple test run, TBS Factoring Service, corpse flower.

Shots Fired in Portland OR

May 20, 2021 Volume 2021-099.

Shots Fired in Portland OR, huge drug bust, historical truck show aths.org, TBS Factoring Service, cocktail tester liquorlabevents.com/cocktail-tester

Drone Footage of Bridge

May 19, 2021 Volume 2021-098.

Drone Footage of Bridge, insurance act, new Love's in OH, TBS Factoring Service, messy spaghetti

Bridge Inspection

May 18, 2021 Volume 2021-097. 

Bridge Inspection, on the job strike at Volvo, driver stops fleeing criminal, TBS Factoring Service, drone light show.

Fuel Shortages Continue

May 17, 2021 Volume 2021-096

Fuel Shortages Continue, capitol beltway tolls, drug bust, TBS Factoring Service, snorting tide.

Fuel Pricing

May 14, 2021 Volume 2021-095

Fuel Pricing, Memphis overpass closed, semi fire, TBS Factoring Service, cookie robber

Pipeline Reopens

May 13, 2021 Volume 2021-094

Pipeline Reopens, overweight permits, nine-vehicle pileup, TBS Factoring Service, gross eating fad.

HOS Waivers

May 12, 2021 Volume 2021-093

HOS Waivers, I-40 bridge closed, Indianapolis lane closures northsplit.com, TBS Factoring Service, pets

Pipeline shut down

May 11, 2021 Volume 2021-092

Pipeline shut down, toll comments, small but mighty, TBS Factoring Service, Covid shots at Bram Castle

Trucking Jobs

May 10, 2021 Volume 2021-091.

Trucking Jobs, CVSA Safe Driver Week in July, I-80 makeover, TBS Factoring Service, property line.