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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Temporary Extension

June 17, 2020 Volume 2020-119.

Temporary Extension, liability, live wires,,, lost gold.

Clearinghouse report

June 16, 2020 Volume 2020-118.

Deadly Crash, Clearinghouse report, poster contest,,, potato demand.

Consequences of Defunding Police

June 15, 2020 Volume 2020-117.

Consequences of Defunding Police, killing in Atlanta sparks new protests, OH grant,,, $1 houses.

Low Freight Rates

June 12, 2020 volume 2020-116.

Low Freight Rates, Tanker Driver of the Year Finalists, Spring snow in WY,,, gin sanitizer.

NY Speed Enforcement Blitz

June 11, 2020 Volume 2020-115.

NY Speed Enforcement Blitz, trucker victims, highway cam bill,,, snotty sea creature.

FMCSA Extension

June 10, 2020 Volume 2020-114.

FMCSA Extension, petition, TA Citizen Driver Award,,, hole in one.

Peace and Violence

June 9, 2020 Volume 2020-113.

Peace and Violence, unemployment and job losses, WY closing rest areas,,, fine art.

Highway Bill and HOS

June 8, 2020 Volume 2020-112.

Highway Bill and HOS, terminal shuts down, new Love's in KY,,, hidden BBQ.

New Transportation Bill

June 5, 2020, Volume 2020-111.

New Transportation Bill, protest map, benefit bike ride,,, roller coaster rides.

PA Turnpike Layoffs

June 4, 2020 Volume 2020-110.

PA Turnpike Layoffs, virtual truck show a success, Thank a Trucker donations,,, assault by pickle.