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Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Drug and Alcohol Violations

August 22, 2019 Volume 2019-166.

Drug and Alcohol Violations, fire investigation, MO protest,,, conspiracy city.

CA Ups Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

August 21, 2019 Volume 2019-165.

CA Ups Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, severe winds blow trucks over, diesel prices down, truck driving champion,,, pooper trooper.

HOS Listening Session at GATS

August 20, 2019 Volume 2019-164. 

HOS Listening Session at GATS, CDL school audit, unknown smell,,, it's not easy being green salad.

New DE Law

August 19, 2019 Volume 2019-163.

New DE Law, new safety initiative in CO, overnight truck parking survey,,, devil duck dog.

HOS Results

August 16, 2019 Volume 2019-162.

HOS Results, Trump and tariffs on Chinese goods, Atlantic storms,,, vending machine bandit.

HOS Changes

August 16, 2019 Volume 2019-161.

HOS Changes, speeding poll, stormy weather,,, TV head.

Parking Fines in NYC

August 14, 2019 Volume 2019-160.

Sex Trafficker 888-373-7888, parking fines in NYC, Daimler announces E-Cascadias,,, lost teeth.

Rate Forecasts

August 13, 2019 Volume 2019-159.

Rate Forecasts, Cascadia recall, truck driving championships,,, insect experience.

Human-less Delivery

August 12, 2019 Volume 2019-158.

Human-less Delivery, final comments for Under 21, convoy,,, Atomic Vodka.

New Diesel Regulations

August 9, 2019 Volume 2019-157.

New Diesel Regulations, maintenance savings webinar, trucker fatality 419-499-4808,,, free flights for Greens.