Expedite Expo 2021 July 16 - 17

Highway Headlines

Highway Headlines

Senate Infrastructure Plan

April 26, 2021 Volume 2021-081

Senate Infrastructure Plan, Class 8 Orders record, Shell eco-friendly road trip, TBS Factoring Service, arial tours of Chernobyl. 

Navistar International Recall

April 23, 2021 Volume 2021-080

Navistar International Recall, Virtual Pride and Polish overdriveonline.com, meth bust, TBS Factoring Service, turtle to the head

OOIDA and Parking Funding

April 22, 2021 Volume 2021-079

OOIDA and Parking Funding, WiT finalists, snowy spring turns deadly, TBS Factoring Service, text a friend.

Undocumented People Arrested

April 21, 2021 Volume 2021-078.

Undocumented People Arrested, quick thinking, cornea donation, TBS Factoring Service, paragliding violinist.

FMCSA Administrator Named

April 20, 2021 Volume 2021-077.

FMCSA Administrator Named, Truck Fleet Innovators, Ted Nugent salutes you! TBS Factoring Service, mystery animal.

Insurance Act Bill Reintroduced

April 19, 2021 Volume 2021-076

Insurance Act Bill Reintroduced, stressed drivers, WY roadwork resumes, TBS Factoring Service, garden gnome shortage.

Truck Parking Safety

April 16, 2021 Volume 2021-075

Truck Parking Safety, fiery collision, 109 new parking spaces near Mobile, TBS Factoring Service, K9 tasting officer 

City Truck Parking

April 15, 2021 Volume 2021-074.

City Truck Parking, Insurance Survey research.net/r/atri-insurance-survey-2021, strike, TBS Factoring Service, skate boarding tortoise

Jobs Plan Infrastructure Bill

April 14, 2021 Volume 2021-073.

Jobs Plan Infrastructure Bill, Tesla service program, TA winners, TBS Factoring Service, ski dummy

RoadCheck Readiness

April 13, 2021 Volume 2021-072

Comment period ending regulations.gov, RoadCheck Readiness, accident traps driver, TBS Factoring Service, knee deep