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Over the years as an EO member I have posted this great definition of the kind of posters we have on EO many times. I think it was 2002, when a newbie ask the question regarding the future of expediting and the type of people who post on EO. Around that same time members would join the EO forums to vent and/or trash the companies they drove for, or the vendors they bought from. It was around that time the flavor of EO was set. Even though many members feel EO is like a kindergarten, it is the exact opposite. The EO tone has been set and is known to be very family friendly. Some may disagree with this debating we are all adults that kids have no business being on the site. Many times I too disagree with the language blocks, especially when I want to get in someone’s face, but then I remember just because a person is over 21 or is a driver does that mean they are an adult. To me being an adult means being able to conduct ones self, to respect others and others property. Even though EO is a community forum it is someone’s property. An adult knows how to vent and/or trash another using the powers of our English language, without using profanities and name calling. Which brings me once again to post the kinds of posters we have on this forum?

Open Forum Comments​
Written by a mentor​

I love the freedom we have and I love the fact that we can speak our mind openly - even here on this forum as it pertains to our industry.

Many of you may laugh at this statement, but if you were to conduct yourself as a responsible adult and used tact this very statement couldn’t be more true. When you want to write about a vendor using bad business practices have all the facts. Tell of that situation, paint the full picture not just your side (if you can) Don’t come to this forum to vent and cuss out a company just because. Please read on!

There are three kinds of posters at EO:

a. Community Minded
My favorite kind of member. These people contribute with their comments, ideas and suggestions, they really offer a lot to the online community. They generally tell you like it is and are always willing to help anyone.
Down right good neighbors!

b. One Hit Wonders
These folks have a simple question and want a simple answer.
They make one or two posts and then they just "lurk" in the background, reading the post but not participating until they have another question. They don't generally offer help to anyone else, but that's ok.

c. Hot Flamers
These posters generally come armed and loaded!
They are angry and frustrated that no one at their company could or would address their issues so they think that they will get some action by posting their grievance here in the public for everyone to see. Typically, these posters never participate on any other topic or offer anyone any help whatsoever. They are on a mission to vent.
We see them come and go and often wonder what became of their situation. Most of these posts while they may be factual – the poster is often very distraught.

ARE YOU A - B - C?

Everyone is welcome to post in the Soapbox Forum. As time goes on you will learn I’m not the type of person who follows the rules because they are written. When a situation comes about I evaluate that situation one on one. I will not lock a thread or delete a post because you disagree with another or because things get heated. If you don’t have a tough enough gut this forum may not be for you. As they say ‘If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.’ I will not lock or delete a posting because you may be venting and have been a member in good standings with the EO community. I will however remove, delete or lock any post if you are a new member and are not following the EO terms. Please follow this link and understand EO’s terms, http://www.expeditersonline.com/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi?az=user_register
I will also remove or delete any post of any poster who threatens another. All the rest is fair game.

Please post have fun, debate one another may it be heated or not! Keep it civil and clean.
As Dreamer put it “Ok folks, you asked for it, here it is! This is the place for all those discussions that heat up the regular forums! Keep it civil is all ask!â€


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Teacel is going to be great moderating this forum. I used to love the way you would take a post apart and deal with it point by point. The civility on this forum is second to none. I visit one other forum regularly that deals with the sport of motocross. I chose not to become a member because of how childish it can become. The name-calling and vulgarity get a bit over the top and I see this as a forum that is far more likely to attract kids than this one. This is a great community and I'm happy to be part of it.

O.K., now I have to get back to comeing up with something for the fuzzy, cuddly bear forum.


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Wow,I go away for a while,then come back,and wammo,TALLCALS OWN SOAPBOX
I love it you old republican liberals(or what ever it is you call yourselves)?I'm going to have to defend the Fort virtually alone.Now we have our home,no moderators saying"this is not expedited related,so i'm pulling the plug"
You will be hearing from me from time to time,when the comments just beg for a clear and focused opinion.Not,however,"fair and balanced".These two words have lost any real meaning with fox's exploitation of the words.
Seems things are getting a little warm around the kitchen of w' s place.Those damed pundits who reminded him that the "evil doer's"comments (chickens) may someday come home to roost.Don't look now,but the North Koreans are dareing us to make a move?What if Iraq had never happened,think N Korea would be f*****g with us now?I don't think so.However,Sadam might still be in power,oh well,whatever.Time to bring the troops home anyway,as WE CANNOT WIN THIS CIVIL WAR PEOPLE.

I think the troops are getting a little up tight,a little burned out,and some are forgeting the the most basic of human diginty.Bad news on all fronts,but w's holding the line(i ain't changn' horses boys,not yet)yee ha.
Good to be back.........


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Walter Mondale (Jimmy Carter's V.P) said that the U.S. should have launched a pre-emptive strike against North Korea prior to their missle test. WOW!


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And if North Korea takes that personally, & strikes back, we could still defend ourselves, right? I mean, after all, we may be stretched thinner than a corrupt politicians moral code, but we still have some Boy Scout Troops we could use...:eek:

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> And if North Korea takes that personally, & strikes back,
>we could still defend ourselves, right? I mean, after all,
>we may be stretched thinner than a corrupt politicians moral
>code, but we still have some Boy Scout Troops we could

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Do we really have to worry about North Korea? They could'nt get their missles past the Sea of Japan. I would'nt want to take on Kim Jong Ill on the golf course, though. The guy got 11 holes in one his first time out!