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Saddest sight in a truck stop


Staff member
We had a family event this past weekend in Georgia. On our way back, we stopped at a Love's stop south of Lexington on 1-75. As I was fueling, I noticed a small dog running loose in the truck parking lot. This dog was dodging trucks trying to park and trucks leaving.

This dog would run up to the cab of a truck, wait for a second and bolt to the next truck - clearly this dog was looking for it's owner. He wouldn't come to anyone who tried to help. Sad to say - but it looked like the owner may have forgotten his pet.

Felt bad for the dog and the owner. :panda:


Veteran Expediter
I wonder what kind of feelings and emotions were going through this dog at that moment.


Expert Expediter
I dunno. You know some guys might be happy to see that sight with their own truck. Lol


Senior Member
Retired Expediter
Diane and I saw several dogs like that in our years on the road. We always thought they were strays that had been accidentally left behind, intentionally abandoned or local dogs that found their way into the truck stop. The ones we saw seemed to have an established routine, going from truck to truck in search of food handouts.


Expert Expediter
Oh no. That's so sad. We always keep an extra bag of food for dogs and cats for those we come across. If heather had her way we would be adopting them all lol