1. Lawrence

    Saddest sight in a truck stop

    We had a family event this past weekend in Georgia. On our way back, we stopped at a Love's stop south of Lexington on 1-75. As I was fueling, I noticed a small dog running loose in the truck parking lot. This dog was dodging trucks trying to park and trucks leaving. This dog would run up to...
  2. Lawrence

    If you've ever owned a truck dog...

    My Jack Russell was an amazing road dog. Almost lost him once in NY so glad they found their companion again. ;)
  3. Lawrence

    Who's Your Doggy?

    If you are fortunate to have your pet roll with you while you're on the road - you know how they can help make the miles more enjoyable. Share a photo of your road worth Expediter Dog (or cat, or monkey, I once saw an expediter with a monkey) Here's Kipper (rip). A beautiful terrier. He LOVED...