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Introducing ourselves and a question;)


New Recruit
New Empty nesters considering expediting.
Husband has been driving a semi since 2003 all except 3 years were OTR with no tickets or preventable accidents,has class A with tanker,hazmat,Twic and passport. Wife has a class B with tanker,hazmat,twic and passport.
Million mile safe driver with several awards.
Currently with the same carrier for over 7

In reading thru the different forums we can’t find the answer to one question in particular.
We all know that freight fluctuates so we’re just talking in averages. The “average” net income to the truck before taxes seems to be
2k. With that said “what is the average # of miles per week to make the average net income”?

We are registered to attend the Expeditor Expo later this month.

Thanks in advance !
Rob and Della Jones
Central NC


Veteran Expediter
Greetings R and D Jones. The expo is a good place to continue with your R& D. It would be helpful if you supplied more information about your expedite career plans. I am assuming you want to drive a straight truck for an owner as a team.

I'm confused by your statement: The “average” net income to the truck before taxes seems to be
Usually when figuring income you start with gross revenue to the truck and break it down from there i.e. owner driver split etc.
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New Recruit
Thanks for the reply ! We plan to attend the expo,sounds like the best place to get some answers. We plan to work for a owner to learn the business.

The 2k average take home per week is what I keep consistently being told. What I can’t get any info on is how many miles on average the straight truck runs. Basically I’m trying to find out is will we be running 5k to 6k miles per week on average for a
Net income of around 2k being payed on a 1099.


Expert Expediter
US Army
Welcome Rob and Della,

My wife and I should be entering the expediting lifestyle (team straight truck) within the next couple of months, it's very exciting. We will be attending the Expo again this year. With both of you having all your licenses and qualifications, you will be a very popular commodity at the expo, a husband and wife team is where it's at. Last year, even without our qualifications and we were not committed to making the lifestyle change yet, fleet owners and carriers were VERY interested in speaking to us. A good husband and wife / same household team is worth their weight in gold. Enjoy the Expo, there's a ton of information to be had.