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I'm getting old!


Expert Expediter
Finished the 3 day stint of the Road Gorilla truck show. Whew ... I'm to sore to move!

I remember in days past going to Louisville, Dallas, Vegas to the shows, helping TruckNet and Ol' Blue .... sometimes I came away with sore feet ..... but this time I have sore everything!

Kudo's to Lawrence and his crew, they out performed me tenfold! (But they are young(er) )

Monti, (the other one), is a workhorse, Kristy maintained her smile to the closing bell, and beyond, Carol and her family were right in there like a small army.

btw, Carol, thanks for returning that billboard truck, saves me an extra trip to Florence.

I closed shop today by representing them at the drivers cook out after the show. When I got home my wife says, "You smell like hamburgers!", No wonder, I grilled about 20 pounds of them!

Y'all should have been there, try for next year?

Oh .... thanks to all the great guys and gals that came to the "Antique Truck Show", was some great show pieces there. I think, I didn't hear officially, that a International Emeryville, red cabover took the prize. It was a beauty, but across the asile from it was a blue one that looked just as good!


Veteran Expediter
Charter Member
US Navy
looks like one more great expo way to go
look how far you have come l Mccord
yes we are getting older and hopeful wiser
youth is waste on young


Veteran Expediter
you are not getting old,
you just need to practice BBQing more often.
see you next year.


Expert Expediter
Thanks Moose for helping me, (you doing most of the work), on getting that grill loaded .....

EO bought a humdinger of a grill to be used at the cookout each year, takes a truck and two men to transport it!