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  • Hello again,
    I hope it's all right to ask you some more questions-

    I see your picture of a Sprinter and wonder:

    Which wheelbase and roof option is that ?
    (It looks like what I want, but I see many options available)

    It looks like 3 pallets go in a 144", and 4 into a 170"
    And there is 5' height in a std roof, and 6' in a high roof.

    Obviously, the biggest is avail to more freight-
    So it looks like the right choice would be a 2500 for the width between the drives
    With 170" EXT wheelbase for 4 pallets (plus)
    And the high roof ...
    (even the low roof is 5', though...enough?)

    Does that sound right?
    Are you still working for LandStar and if not why?

    We are thinking about going to LandStar but hard to understand how it works?
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