Gas and Diesel prices


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Your forgetting the executive orders signed by sleepy joe Biden to stop the pipeline from being finished....which drove up prices....BUT the fool didn't affect anything......yea right.
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Trump is the exception, but generally, presidents and their policies have very little to do with the price of gas and oil. However, experts both with and without a political bias agree that shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline is responsible for between 20 and 40 cents of the pump price of gasoline.

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Capitalism 101:

When covid hit, the demand dried up, oil went negative and the production went way down. As things opened up, there was still of a threat of more shutdowns so they cautiously ramped up production, but it is not enough to meet the demand so prices go up.

Couple that and the fact that they can fill up a tanker with fuel and get way more for it in Europe than they can here and that make our prices stay high, that is what is called a win win situation for them.
We are paying high prices because of corporate greed, not "socialist democratic policies"
Coincidence that under Dumbocratic leadership this country, unemployment, prices go through the roof, isn't it?

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