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Fuel Cards


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This probably applies more to owners but anyones input is welcome.
I am looking at changing the fuel cards and I need the name of a good company. This means with customers service 24/7, with possibility to pay online at any time and whatever amount.
I worked with 2 companies so far, the latest is linked to Comdata and besides the crazy fees they just started some stupid rule where I cannot pay the bill if they don't have an invoice issued, regardless that I reached the limit and cannot buy gas anymore...
Please let me know what companies you use that you've been happy with.



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Linked to Comdata?

I seem to like the idea that comdata works.

I've had others, t-chek and others and most of the time they were nightmares to deal with.


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Diane and I have used Comdata with FedEx Custom Critical and later T-Chek when the carrier changed cards. At Landstar we use Comdata. While we can always complain about fees and procedures, these cards all worked without major issues.

Note that card rules vary with carriers. The Comdata deal you have with one carrier may be quite different than the one you have with another.


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This is a question I've wondered about. As a O/O I've never used a fuel card, always just took my pay and have a couple bank accounts with debit card for my fuel and truck repairs. Not much on using a credit card, but have often wondered if this was a mistake?

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As a fleet owner on 12 vehicles, I have Chase INK Business cards in all my Large trucks. It mirrors American Express, but amex is not accepted as much at truckstops and repair places. This is a master card, great online resources for setting limits and monitoring, customer service is outdstanding. Earns points... My Cargo vans are under GM Business card also a chase account that earns towards future purchases Hope it helps


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We use both Comdata and Wright Express at Premium Transportation Logistics. Wright Express has a great program, minus the individual transaction charge.

Wright Express
Customer Service
Bus: 1-800-492-0669



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Right now with LS using the Comcard at most T/a's and petros its between 30 and 45 cents a gallon off the cash price, except in Az it's cheaper for me and my van to fill up out front and get 16 cents off 8 for LS and 8 for being under 26K.


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Have used Wright express with good results. If you're a one truck operation I suggest the NATSO CHECKLINK program. $30 or $35 per year to cash checks with NO fee at most truckstops. Usually up to $200 over ok with no fee. When at a carrier that puts cash advance on Comdata I would transfer whole advance to checking acct and then write checks as needed. I also would keep enough cash on me to buy a few hundred miles worth of fuel.