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  • With fedex ground I answerd an add in the paper that they were looking for contractor intown drivers. I had to give them a list of what equipment I had and all my insurance information. Fedex ground contracts their home delivery and line haul drivers. Fedex express are company paid employees. Occasionally I will do long distance runs from gr to detroit or gr to chicago. I am currently at 3.50 dollars a package as my payout. If my trailer is packed with say 19000 packages I come out pretty good. 19000 packages is just an example number. The payouts vary depending on how much stuff I haul in a week.
    Hi Gregg,
    My name is Jeff,I've read alot of your posts,and I believe that you quite frankly have the most informative posts. That being said I'm looking to venture into expediting. I'm not in a hurry good things take time. I drove t/t for ten years [company driver],so I know somewhat what that part of the business is like,with the clicks and all. I can only imagine what it is like in the expeditor industry.To the point. my plan is to buy a sprinter and run it as a team with a same household [me and my girl friend] so comfort must be a factor.I'm thinking a 170 ext would be as good as it gets,but I keep seeing conflicting posts about length,I've contacted a company that only requires 9ft of cargo space.Now I'm not looking for you to tell me what to do,I'm asking for your professional opinion related to what you have seen,and or experienced in your time as an expeditor.I still have a year or so before I'm finacially ready .Thx,Jeff
    Hi i see you talking abought nlmi a few time how do you get in with them i sent the comp app but never got any thing back thank you
    Greg, both (& probably any) trucks I'm considering will be o/o owned. Do the tests you've suggested for greto1 have to be performed at a dealer? You're right, $350 is a lot easier to accept than potentially losing everything. Still not comfortable posting/maneuvering in forum section so if this is in wrong spot - sorry.
    I have read some of your post and replies and would like your input on my topic under the newbies section. Seeing how I am just starting out I find asking questions to people who have done this before helps me not to make newbie mistakes. Thanks in advance.
    Greg, do you remember where that link was that you posted some time ago regarding the Fair Credit Reporting act of 1977?I have looked through youre past posts, and cant find it anywhere,nor do I remember it.Thanks in advance.
    Time to chill Greg.It's getting personal and that sucks.I'm not sure how it got so heated but it's not healthy.Sorry if I offended you.Lets kkep it civil,leave the personal stuff alone on both sides.
    Good afternoon ,hope your holiday went well , im just getting used to this web site and im as you will soon guess a newbie to expiditing ive been an over the road driver for more than 20 yrs so im not new to truckin,my 1st ?is how do you get fed ex qual.2ive got an old open container circa 1990 on my driving record how will this effect the canadian crossings ,and if it does affect it adversly will this affect the $part of expidited driving any thing you can pas onwould be appreciated thanks art beatty
    Whats up dude?Taking a break from this craziness? Health is OK,yea?
    Just checking in. I think your said you were considering another endeavor. Hope it's all good.

    I posted the FDCC Compared to Landstar. I maybe was not clear enough in my original post. We are not O/O now. We are driving for a small fleet leased to Fedex. I have found a truck for sale that is leased to Landstar that used to run for Fedex and is W/G and TVAL equipped. The truck is an 04 Pete with 440K miles on it. It has a 106" sleeper with many bells and whistles which is very important to my wife and I since we stay out 2 to 3 months at a time. We have not been at this long, I am a displaced Automotive Engineer and GM figured out they had way to many of us. Somehow through some kind of fate, the wife and I decided to give expediting a try. We have adjusted well to the life style. Are smart enough to have learned the Fedex system very quickly and are not afraid to learn Landstar or any other system. Our only problem with Fedex is that we sit too much. The boss has given us very specific goals for rate/mile and for monthly gross. We have exceeded the rate/mile but consistently come up short on the gross. We really cannot afford to take the express loads due to the rate/mile that is typically offered.

    As regards to our bottom line, we are not making enough money sitting as much as we do. If we could get the truck to average $22-$24K a month we would be okay.

    The truck we are looking at is listing for $55k. And we would be able to put down almost 1/2 of that. So my thinking is that we might do as much as 50% better on our bottom line if we could hit similar numbers as we are currently hitting with Fedex.

    I would like to talk with in more detail and am hoping you might give me a call

    Thanks for your feedback to date.

    Bill Edwards
    [email protected]
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